Certified seed a good investment

Published 6:28 pm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ag Notes

Buying certified seed is one of the few investments that gives you a guaranteed high rate of return.

Red clover is one example. College of Agriculture research on improved and common varieties consistently shows that certified seed produce higher-yielding, longer-lasting stands. Certified red clover seed can return three to five tons more hay over the life of the stand. These stands persist up to 30 months, compared to 15 to 20 months for those planted to common seed.

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Alfalfa variety trials also support the value of investing in certified seed. Any of the top five certified varieties will produce three-fourths of a ton higher yield per acre annually than a common variety.

Certified seed may cost up to twice as much as common varieties. However,  certified seed are worth the added expense because yield is where you get the extra return on investment.

Planning your seed orders well in advance is another way to gain the most from your investment. It enables you to get the varieties you want and make the best deal on seed.

Before you contact seed dealers, review university and seed company variety trials and compile a short list of varieties you want to plant. Get in touch with seed dealers early to ensure that you get the seed varieties and quantities you need. Also ask dealers about discounts for ordering early and other price incentives.

For more information, contact the Boyle County Cooperative Extension Service.

Jerry Little, County Extension Agent for Agriculture/Natural Resources