Peckler is doing better than state drug courts

Published 4:32 pm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Thanks Judge Peckler and editor Ben Kleppinger for the article dated Dec. 29, 2018, “Peckler touts effectiveness of ‘local drug court.’”

Judge Peckler is correct when he states that his court is better than state drug courts in the following areas:

• Re-entry success of participants is equal to state administered.

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• Participants’ accountability to judge, probation is better and less costly than state administered.

• Personal monthly meeting is far better with Peckler’s personal involvement along with probation and parole.

• Administration of Courts’ (AOC) $700 million budget cost distribution needs to be evaluated as to costs to Boyle-Mercer circuit courts.

I have observed Boyle-Mercer circuit as a volunteer along with surrounding circuit courts. My attendance of three to five support meetings per week gives me an “amongst ‘em” reality.

Probation and parole office is vastly overworked, but the new facility will have more space, environment improvement and parking. Thanks P&P for their work with Judge Peckler.

H.M. “Rat” Durham