Property transfers, Jan. 10

Published 7:24 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Vena Miller to Bobby and Vickie Record, property on Nichols Street, gift; fair cash value, $23,000.

Sarah C. Scott to Theresa A. Robertson and Michael D. Petty, 0.57 acre in Boyle County, $252,500.

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Phyllis D. and James Edward Barrett, Sr. to Phyllis D. and James Edward Barrett, Sr., trustee under the Declaration of Trust known as the James Edward Barrett, Sr. and Phyllis Dean Barrett Living Trust, two tracts on Whites Lane, transfer; fair cash value, $200,000.

Walter H. and Wanda F. Bowman to Caleb Bottoms, special trustee to Wanda F. Bowman, tract of the Eben C. Henson and Wilson Property, gift; fair market value, $135,000.

The Lock-Box, Inc. to The Lock Down Dee, LLC, two parcels in Boyle County, $1,750,000.

Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole to Wesley V. and Ariel E. Carter, lot in Beverly Hills Subdivision, $150,000.

Greg L. and Linda M. Barnard to Geoffrey C. Sjostrom, successor trustee of the George and Joan Sjostrom 2006 Trust, property on West Lexington Avenue, $295,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Mandy Moore, lot on Cemetery Street, Junction City, $53,000.

Nancy, LLC to Stephanie Peyton, 0.419 acres in Boyle County, $72,000.

Cary M. and Kim King to Darrell E. and Michelle D. Fraley, two tracts in Boyle County, $220,000.

Shane L. and Karlynn N. White to Tony E. and Deborah A. Richardson, lot in Canbilletta Estates Subdivision, $65,000.

Timothy and Cindy H. Blevins to Zach S. Gammon, five acres in Boyle County, $399,900.

Anne D. Clarke, personal representative of the estate of Geoffrey N. Clark to Whitney D. Coffey and Deangelo R. Durham, two tracts in Boyle County, $97,500.

Cole SB Danville KY DST to Triton Investments, LLC, 1.10 acres in Boyle County, $350,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Coy and Pauline Rigney to Marietta J. Wethington, parcel on south side of Allen Street, $68,000.

Casey County Bank, Inc. to Timothy Lee Edwards, 4 3/8 acres on Hwy. 127, $100,000.

Kevin and Bonnie King to The Church of God in Christ Mennonite, Liberty Con, Inc., eight acres in Casey County, $75,000.

David E. and Barbara Ellis to Felicia Salyers, parcel on Maxey Valley Road, $38,000.

Maurice and Ravonne Maddox to Universal Guaranty Life Insurance Company, tract in Casey County, $70,000.

Kevin and Bonnie King to Michael N. and Rachael B. King, parcel lying at the southeast intersection of US 127 and Allen Creek Road, gift.

Betty Jo Olson to Enrique M. Ramirez, Maria O. Hernandez Ramos and Calin H. Ramos, 1.08 acres in Casey County, $9,000.

Barbara L. Crutcher to Kenneth E. Crutcher, Jr., 13.244 acres of the Barbara Crutcher Retracement and Division, gift; fair cash value, $44,000.

Patsy A. Taylor Harmon to Louis Coffman, tract in Debbie Lane Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $74,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Larry J. and Denise C. Hamilton to Christopher A. and Paige M. Wilson, three tracts in Garrard County, $380,000.

Gilbert and Anna Tuggle to Donna Tuggle, Darrell Tuggle and Peggy Maggard, 1.014 acres on Burdette Knob Road, gift; value of property, $115,000.

Gilbert and Anna Tuggle to Donna Tuggle, Darrell Tuggle and Peggy Maggard, 78.11 acres in Garrard County, gift; value of property, $400,000.

Gilbert and Anna Tuggle to Donna Tuggle, Darrell Tuggle and Peggy Maggard, five acres in Garrard County, gift; value of property, $15,000.

Mary Cole and Robert R. and Tracy R. Cole to William B. Quillen, 2.414 acres in Garrard County, $16,898.

Daryl and Michele Slate to Gloria Slate, lot in Helton Estates Subdivision, gift; value of property, $154,400.

Paula Ballard and Rick Fowler, Terri and Michael Feldman, Melissa J. and Jackie W. Sexton, Jason and Lari B. Hensley and Greg and Dana Hensley to Erik B. and Christina D. Fields, two tracts in Garrard County, $45,000.

Sherri and Donald Baldock to Linda Sesta, 2.148 acres in Fall Lick section of Garrard County,  $32,500.

Audrey K. and Donald H. Benedict, Jr. to Karie and Benjamin Webb, lot in Garrard County, $114,900.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Jonathan Atwood and Bertheda and Billy Berry to Mark and Marcia Banks, 1.429 acres on Rube Brown Road, $30,000.

Steven Justis Roach and Jamie Speake to Danielle and Daniel Eaton, 2.702 acres on Trinity Drive, located off U.S. 27, $230,000.

Brenda and Charles Troy Vance to Dennis and Amanda Smith, lot in Broughtontown Estates, $53,000.

Christopher Gail and Shannon R. Hendrickson to Felicia C. Salyers, lots in Turkey Run Estates, $25,000.

Bobbie Caldwell to Jason Clay Caldwell, two tracts of land off Brown Hollow Road, containing 2.531 acres, property settlement; fair cash value, $38,000.

Daniel J. and Monica Kenyon to Francine Mae Aona Kenyon, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, located on Tanner Circle, gift; fair cash value, $98,000.

Ivan B. Phillips to S. Patrick and Christy J. Thurman, 0.11 acre on Earnhardt Street, Hustonville, $10,000.

Fred L. and Shelia L. McCoy to Ivan B. Phillips and Christy J. Thurman, property on College Street, Hustonville, $20,000.

Roger and Billie Jean Tillett to Crystal Crouch, two tracts of land, containing approximately one acre, off U.S. 150 two miles east of Stanford in Rowland section, gift; fair cash value, $12,000.

Kandy Ann Miracle, Barbara Gail Comley, Douglas Wray Saylor and Shawn Michael Saylor to George Thomas Swerkle, lots in Mineral Parks Addition in Crab Orchard, located on Elm Street, $25,000.

Billy Joe Wilson to Nora Denney and David Byrd, approximately 30 acres in Lincoln County, gift; fair cash value, $64,000.

Kenny Mullins to Steve Eldridge and Brandy Byrd, lots in Pleasant Acres Subdivision, $25,000.

Wendell and Jean Morris to Owens Chevrolet Inc., 0.67 acre at intersection of Hubble Road and Old U.S. 27, $27,500.

Joel Wayne Carrier to Michael and Pamela Carrier, two tracts of land in Lincoln County, near Geneva-Jumbo highway corner, $10,000.

Russell D. and Kathy Gibson to Gary Gibson, 1.411 acres on Toombs Hollow Road, gift; fair cash value, $6,000.

Robert R. Wyler to Stanley H. and Heidi J. Carnes, two tracts of land off Cut Off Pike, containing 74.43 acres, $252,000.

Phoebe O. Daniels, by and through Janet S. Greer, her attorney-in-fact, and Leo F. and Janet S. Greer to Tracy Nelon Hammond and Alicia Ann Hammond, trustees of the Tracy and Alicia Hammond Family Living Trust, lot in Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $149,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Glenda M. and William E. Hendren, Melinda M. and Nathan L. Russell and Lee W. and Laurie Readnower to Michelle and Brian Hassall, property on Mooreland Avenue, $122,000.

Mark E. and Barbara A. Steger to Jonathan M. Stepp, two parcels in Mercer County, $155,000.

Roy G. and Kaleta G. Brown and Marshall J. and Demetria J. Brown to Jeffery Wilson, two parcels in Mercer County, $175,000.

James B. Boswell, trustee of the James. B. Boswell and Brenda C. Boswell Revocable Living Trust to Michael T. and Kelli S. Smith, two tracts in Mercer County, $40,000.

Tanya Reynolds and Ralph and Jamie Byrd to Caleb Bottoms, special trustee to Tanya Reynolds, lot in Deepwell Subdivision, $1.00; fair market value, $1.00.

Michelle and Brian Hassall to Jennifer M. and Jeremy S. Patterson, property in Green Acres Subdivision, $115,000.

Lucretia D. Hall to Anna S. Purvis, property on Lynn Drive, $123,000.

Steven Sanders, executor under the last will and testament of Joseph W. Sanders to James and Kimberly Hays, property in Mercer County, $1.00; fair cash value, $64,000.

William H. and Lisa Waggener to Erika F. and Gayle L. Hunt II, land lying on Hwy.152, $215,000.

Mark A. and Lisa D. Cox to Jason A. Cubert to Mark A. and Lisa D. Cox, 89.586 acres in Mercer County, to incorporate a previously unrecorded piece of land into land previously purchased; fair market value, $35,000.

Joshua and Melanie Rosenthal to James L. and Kelly L. Mitchell, two tracts in Mercer County, $160,000.

Danny F. and Ann White to James D. and Carole S. Bone, lot in The Glade, $41,500.

Mark W. Cross, executor of the estate of Jane A. Scott to Central Bank & Trust Co., trustee of the 2004 Trust, lots in Wildwood By The Lake, distribution of estate under last will and testament; fair cash value, $255,000.

Diana F. and William L. Hayslett, Jr., Beverly and Roy L. Sanders, Sr., and Frances H. Cord and Gary A. Searcy to William L. Hayslett, III, two tracts in Mercer County, $45,000.

Patrick H. and Mary K. Forrester to Sandra J. and Bud W. Smith, property on Dunn Lane, $624,900.

Rodney L. and Deanna Compton, Ronnie and Deana Compton and Orbie J. Compton to Michael R. Kenney, lot in Quail Run Subdivision, $117,500.

Jessica R. Sims  to Steven Shuman, 25 acres in Mercer County, $50,000.

William K. and Lucy F. Wheeler to Margaret W. Meredith and Claire W. Love, unit of the Paradise Condominium Horizontal Property Regime, gift; fair market value, $135,000.

Carolyn R. and Paul S. Satterly, Jr. to Carolyn R. and Paul S. Satterly, Jr., property on Talmage Mayo Road, Salvisa, $1.00; fair cash value, $92,292.

Edward S. and Pamela Jo S. Franklin to Shawn M. and Emily Bryant, 6.43 acres in Mercer County, $164,000.

Michael J. and Kathleen M. Rossoll to Vernon V. Shuler and Rosia L. Elliott, 7.04 acres on Hwy.1160, $95,000.

Darell and Karen Rickmers to Patricia Evans, lot of the Spring Lake at Fountain View Subdivision, $28,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee for Ameriquest Mortgage Services, Inc., Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2002-B, Robert B. Shewmaker, Amy G. Shewmaker and Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB d/b/a Christiana Trust, not in its individual capacity but solely in its capacity as owner trustee for WF 19 Grantor Trust, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee for Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc., Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2002-B, property on Louisville Road, $55,000.

Norris L. Flynn to Karen F. and Jeff A. Meier, property on East Street, $1.00; fair cash value, $45,000.

Karen F. and Jeff A. Meier to Fawn M. Bishop, property on East Street, $45,000.