Utilities provide tips to help area residents stay safe and warm

Published 4:33 pm Friday, January 11, 2019


Press Release

LOUISVILLE — With colder temperatures and winter weather on the way, Louisville Gas and Electric Company( LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company(KU) are offering a few seasonal reminders to help area residents stay safe and comfortable in their homes.

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Keep warm air in and cold air out — Ensure heating systems are operating efficiently. Seal leaks and gaps around the home with caulk, spray foam or weather-stripping. Make sure warm-air registers are not blocked by drapes or furniture. Check out additional cold weather energy saving tips on our website.

Build an emergency kit — Keep an emergency kit on hand that includes a battery-powered radio, flashlights for everyone in the family, fresh batteries for any devices, a first-aid kit, and over-the-counter and prescription medications. Visit ready.gov for a complete list of essential emergency kit supplies.

Stay away from fallen power lines — Strong wind, snow and ice accumulation on tree branches can sometimes cause them to break and fall into power lines. Consider all fallen lines dangerous. Stay away and contact the utilities.

Contact LG&E and KU — LG&E customers should call 502-589-1444 to report a downed wire or power outage; KU customers should call 1-800-981-0600. LG&E and KU customers with registered accounts can also report an outage online at lge-ku.com or by texting OUTAGE to 454358.

Check out the online outage map — Customers can access the LG&E and KU outage map on the website from their mobile device to track weather conditions and receive near real-time information about outages throughout our system, a summary of outages by zip code and county, and an estimated restoration time.

LG&E and KU’s system is built to withstand extreme conditions. When winter weather moves across Kentucky, the utilities are prepared to safely and quickly respond to severe weather impacts and reliably meet customers’ energy demands.