Opposed to alcohol, drugs

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I am writing about this subject one more time.

I moved from Nicholasville in 1982 to Danville, looking for a place to put down some roots and buy a home place of my own.

In 1983 I settled down in Junction City and I have been here ever since.

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Knowing full well the evil influence of liquors, beer and wine, I voted against the sell of booze in Danville.

Here it is 2019 with a beer or liquor establishment in Danville and the county to the delight of the booze drinkers in the immediate vicinity of Boyle County.

Heroin, opium, cocaine, hemp marijuana and opiates are readily available it seems like, if you read the DUI arrests in the newspaper.

Folks can smoke and ingest their cigarettes, marijuana and put heroin and cocaine in their bloodstream to their heart’s content. So why should anyone care if they want to slowly kill their bodies for an early grave?

M. Wendell Anderson

Junction City