Property transfers, Jan. 17

Published 5:39 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Lonnie and Betsy Hill to Cody Orberson, 1.434 acres in Boyle County, $4,500.

Dennis W. and Marilyn S. Branam to Greg L. and Linda M. Barnard, condominium unit of Condominium Plan Premier Village Phase 1 Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $239,300.

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Craig Butler Properties, LLC to North Fourth, LLC, building and lot on Fourth Street, $108,000.

Mary R. Begley to David G. Begley, three tracts in Boyle County, $75,000.

Farmers National Bank, executor of the estate of James D. Thompson, by and through Shelley Bigelow to Walter M. and Lana J. Bauman, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $226,325.

James Leach to Philip A. Leasure and Judith M. Sparkman, two parcels in Lakedale Subdivision, gift and cash consideration of $44,869.69; fair cash value, $120,000.

Shelby Green, LTD, by and through J. Thomas Hensley, secretary to Robert M. Curtis, lot in Shelby Green, $26,500.

Terry D. and Natasha D. Turner to Jennifer N. and Samuel T. Compton, Sr., 45.173 acres of the Wilson, Watts, Southerland & Wilson Retracement Survey, $78,844.18.

Shelby Green, LTD to Clint and Ashley Curtis, lot in Shelby Green, $26,500.

Wilson and Roberta Preston to Rhonda Doss, tract on US 150, $60,000.

Frances A. and George F. Walker, Sr. to Jeremy D. Mattingly, house and lot on Duncan Hill County Road, $73,500.

Cummings Custom Builders, Inc. to Mary S. and Joseph P. Smith, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $30,000.

Kenneth and Connie Goetsch to Kenneth Goetsch, Connie Goetsch and Jacqueline V. Goetsch, lot in Riverview Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $215,000.

John D. and Patricia R. Wilson to Samantha S. Shepherd, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $163,000.

Diane M. Sinnott to Jaclyn C. McGill, 9/10 of an acre on Nosco Road, $8,000.

Nina A. Kirkland to 233 North Fourth Street, LLC, property in Boyle County, $110,000.

Jennifer E. and Matthew R. Klooster, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Jennifer E. Klooster to Karen E. and John R. Weston, by and through their attorney-in-fact, Elizabeth E. Suttles, property on east side of North Third Street, $182,000.

Pete and Sheila Garcia to Staci W. and Brian C. Hafley, two tracts situated in Boyle County and Casey County, $40,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Leamon O. and Thelma Sims to Rhonda Roberts and Roma Jean Sims, 0.383 acres in Casey County, $2,000.

Michael N. and Rachael B. King to Jarrad D. and Melanie A. King, 1.555 acres on south side of Bartle Lane, $25,000.

Kevin and Bonnie King to Darren M. and Courtney L. Atwood, 0.32 acres in Casey County, easement appurtenant; fair cash value, $2,000.

Barbara L. Crutcher to Linda and Dennis Beach, 12.087 acre tract of the Barbara Crutcher Retracement & Division, gift; fair cash value, $35,000.

Betty M. and Ronney Hatter to Lesia Hosack and Taylena Guest, 1.02 acres on Margaret’s Drive, $25,000.

Janet K. Withers to Henry and Annie Petersheim, 60 acres in Casey County, $80,000.

Betty S. McCormick to Martin Properties of Central KY, LLC, 14.9 acres on US 127, $42,000.

Wilma S. Stafford to Melissa and Robert Campbell, two parcels in Casey County, $95,000.

Lynn V. and Kathleen Floyd to Henry J. and Annie H. Petersheim, 50 acres in Casey County, $70,000.

Jay T. Hettmansperger and Barbara Hettmansperger to Lynn McMahan, 33.77 acres in Casey County, $62,150.

Ken-Cal Ranches, Inc. to Pete Garcia, 22.239 acres in Casey County, $11,119.50.

Jason E. Weddle to Hunter Pierce and Christin Terry, parcel on Dry Ridge Road, $125,000.

Kenneth A. and Elsie T. Allen-Clark and Thomas W. and Betty B. Clark to Kenneth A. and Elsie T. Allen-Clark, two parcels in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $188,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Diana Ipock, Jack Ipock, Midland Funding LLC, Commonwealth of Kentucky – Finance and Administration Cabinet, Synchrony Bank, unknown defendant – spouse of Diana Ipock, unknown defendant – spouse of Jack Ipock, OneMain Home Equity, Inc., unknown defendants, who are the heirs or devisees or legatees of Margaret Hays and their spouses and any unknown person who may have an interest, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, two tracts on Patsy Riffe Ridge, $30,000.

Marvin E. and Velma L. Martin to Jordan Monday, 3/4 acre on Hwy. 70, $77,725.

Jessie P. and Marilyn Jeffries to Jessie P. Jeffries, parcel on Whip Avenue, gift; fair cash value, $70,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Cora E. Sexton to Shannon and Katherine Poynter, two lots in Lakeridge Estates Subdivision, $50,000.

Timothy and Leila Dean to Robert Siemens, two tracts in White Oak Village section, $75,500.

Dakota, LLC  to Andrey and Natalia Barbashevich, lot in River Run Subdivision, $5,000.

JB&R, LLC to Alexandria D. Stamper and Paul A. Bryan, parcel on Highland Ave., $97,000.

Mark Edwards to Stephen A. and Crystal H. Taylor, tract in Boyd Estates, $110,000.

Margaret McMillen, executrix of the estate of Lula Montgomery to Alexander and Emily Ayres, tract in Boyd Estates, $112,200.

Reba Cotton to Caywood Metcalf, lots in Davis Heights, $65,000.

Burns Enterprises, LLC, by and through Christopher Burns, its member to Aaron J. Asbury, lot in Haseldon Heights, $30,000.

Intech Contracting, LLC to John L. Crace, lot in Boone Creek Estates, $120,000.

David and Julie Patrick to Raimund J. Herbert, lot in Ridge Crest Estates, Phase No. 2, Buena Vista section, $190,000.

Carolyn and Robert Halcomb, Sr. to Corey M. and Catlyn E. Treadway, lot in Helton Estates Subdivision, $226,000.

Roger and Priscilla Ayres to Marc and Stephanie Henderson, 15.784 acres on Sutton Lane, $349,000.

Rhonda L. and David Yoder to Rhonda L. and David Yoder, tract in Rogers Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $245,000.

Barbara H. Montgomery to Wendell L. Worley, 1.043 acres in Garrard County, $65,000.

Gene and Kathy Booker to Leslie Olson, lot in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, $297,000.

Bryan and Kim Woolsey to Kenneth R. and Johnetta King, property on Maple Ave., $92,000.

MidFirst Bank to Rocky Rutherford, 1.19 acre lot in Church Fork Estates Subdivision, $27,000.

Freda M. Pendleton to Freda M. Pendleton, trustee of the Freda M. Pendleton Trust, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, transfer; fair cash value, $165,000.

Russ and Beverly White to Shane and Lisa Whitaker, 8.824 acres in Garrard County, $20,000.

Barbara Oliver to Richard T. and Courtney May and Timothy and Pam May, property in Garrard County, $135,000.

Roger Shultz to Patricia Shultz, two parcels in Garrard County, property settlement; value of property, $70,000.

Estate of Hazel Anderson, by and through Tameria Ritchison, executrix to James K. and Terri Anderson, property on White Road, $90,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

William V. and Bonnie Denham, Leah and Ralph Denham Jr., and Michelle and Michael Cooper to Owens Chevrolet Inc., tracts 3-5 of Donald Cooper Farm, near KY 590, lying three miles north of Stanford, $175,000.

Carlos and Beverly Pannell to Danny and Mildred Snow, 2.834 acres off Carter School Road, $35,000.

Elizabeth and Thomas Cobon to Rick Cole and Chad Cole, approximately 0.22 acre in Rowland, $12,500.

Raymond C. and Kathleen Reynolds to Enos B. Schwartz, two parcels of property in Lincoln and Pulaski Counties, containing 283.2854 acres, including 32.6854-acre tract on Raymond Todd Road, $735,000.

Danny J. and Linda H. Grigson to Mavny, LLC, property on Powell Street, Stanford, $45,000.

Ralph Scott Coleman to James L. and Savannah N. Martin, 11.843 acres off KY 3177, $10,000.

Carolyn Sue and Robert Lee Martin Sr. to Donna and Hughie Allen, lot No. 1 of Charles Tackett Subdivision, containing 0.474 acre, $90,000.

David and Krystal Ashley to David J. and Sonja L. Bratcher, two parcels of property in Level Manor Subdivision, Crab Orchard, $24,648.55.

James W. and Judy Gover and Marion D. Bastin, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to James W. and Judy K. Gover, 10.142 acres off Old U.S. 150, $40,000.

James W. and Judy Gover and Marion D. Bastin, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to James W. and Judy K. Gover, 3.242 acres off Old U.S. 150, $15,000.

Janet Elaine Shearer and Cory Allen and Kayla Lynne Roberts to Cory Allen Roberts and Michael Cas Roberts, 2.002 acres on Hurricane Road, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

Christopher L. and Vanessa Dawn Devine to Doris Eason, lot in Lincoln Trail Estates Subdivision, $5,000.

Dollar Daze Properties, LLC, to Max J. Finklestein and Mildred R. Finklestein, three parcels of property in Waynesburg off U.S. 27, $500,000.

Ivay Leo Johnson Jr. to Kevin Garland and Andrea Pettus, lot in Holtzclaw Subdivision, $105,000.

Terry Grant Wilson to Rick Cole and Chad Cole, property in Lincoln County, $4,000.

Edward A. and Mary Lou Warmouth to Johnny R. and Connie M. Stewart, three tracts of land on Old U.S. 150, containing 3.35 acres, $115,000.

Ronnie D. Johnson to Teena Marie Johnson, two parcels of property in Oakwood Estates Subdivision, property settlement; fair market value, $120,000.

Anna Mae Hopkins to Crystal R. Marlowe and Denola Sims, 0.368 acre near intersection of KY 39 and U.S. 150, property exchange; fair cash value, $82,500.

Crystal R. Marlowe to Anna Mae Hopkins, property on KY 39, lying one mile south of Crab Orchard, property exchange and $10,000; fair cash value of property, $92,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Margaret S. and Norman K. Breeding, Jr. to Samantha Naylor and Michael Hardy , 3.827 acres in Mercer County, $10,000.

Scott and Kristen D. Sheperson to William A. Grays, 17.990 acres in Mercer County, $275,000.

David E. and Cynthia A. Sharp to Cynthia A. Sharp, property on Lexington Road, $1.00; fair cash value, $182,000.

Karen A. Pappert Hughes, as trustee of the Ralph Louis Pappert Revocable Trust to Paul J. and Sarah R. Ragusa, 22.23 acres in Mercer County, $435,000.

Rodney W. and Courtney Cloyd to Amber N. and Bradley K. Mobley, lot in Hensley Heights Subdivision, $152,000.

Patrick H. and Mary K. Forrester to Melissa B. Holland, tract of the Preston and Tyler Farms, $135,000.

Greg and Kim Anderson to Campbellsville University, Inc., property on Hwy. 35, $84,000.

Douglas and Beth Stratton to Heather Purvis, 5.007 acres in Mercer County, $15,000.

Cathy M. Stumpf to Jimmy and Brenda Tucker, property on Bellows Mill Road, $30,000.

David A. and Nancy Brown, Gerald D. and Sherry Brown, Robert C. and Tressa Brown and Mariann and Todd Ransdell, by his attorney-in-fact, Mariann Ransdell to Lindsey Brown, property in Mercer County, $80,000.

John and Vickie Curtsinger to Raymond I. and Kimberly M. Sullivan, 0.03 acres in Mercer County, $1,600.

R & D Enterprises of Kentucky, LLC to David Sharp, lot in Mercer County, $72,000.