Former school resource officer commended for work on Danville police force

Published 6:52 pm Thursday, January 17, 2019

As Danville Police Officer Chase Broach gets close to his 12th year with the department, he was pinned as a sergeant during Monday’s city commission meeting.

“In 2006, I had just been promoted to assistant chief,” said Chief Tony Gray. And one of his first responsibilities was to focus on the hiring process at that time.

“There were four officers who made it through the cut. Myself, Assistant Chief (Tom) Bustle and Chief (Jeff) Peek all got to chose one person. Chase was who I chose,” Gray said.

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Broach was the first school resource officer in the county.

Brittany and Chase Broach share a laugh when she begins to pin his chevron bars on his uniform upside down.

“He did an extremely important job for the police department and the city schools at that time,” Gray said. He described the job he did as “absolutely top-notch” for the department and for the schools.

“I don’t think there’s a teacher or an educator that he came in contact with who will say anything different,” Gray said.

Broach was a very important part of the police department’s relationship with the youth of the community at that time, he said.

“During the summer, over the last three to four years, when school was out, he was an officer in charge. He had responsibilities but didn’t have any rank and didn’t get any raises,” Gray said. He said Broach would fill in for second- or third-shift captains who were on vacation, functioning as a supervisor whenever they needed, often helping to cut down on overtime.

“He’s been thrown into the fire,” Gray said, as far as supervising.

“When we had our sergeants’ promotions back a few months ago, we had five or six officers interviewing for two positions. Chase was clearly at the top of that list from the interview panel of names sent to me,” he said.

Gray said he is glad Broach “stuck it out with us, through some lean years, since 2006,” and is really proud of him.

“So, tonight, we formally recognize him moving from patrol into a sergeant’s position,” Gray said.

Chase Broach, left, listens as his chief, Tony Gray, describes his almost-12-year career with the Danville Police Department. Broach was pinned as a sergeant Monday night.

Broach’s wife, Brittany, pinned on his chevron bars.

Gray invited Broach’s father up to the podium. “I can’t talk about Tom (Broach) right now, we’ll do that later,” Gray said.

Tom Broach, a longtime police officer for Danville who now works in code enforcement, pinned on his son’s sergeant’s badge.

Chase Broach will celebrate his 12th year with the department in October.