DBCHS, Pets of the week Jan. 23

Published 4:57 pm Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Our featured pets for this week are Rascal and Sanders.

Rascal is a darling 4-month-old kitten that was surrendered to the humane society due to his owner’s declining health. This little fellow is mostly white with a few black spots, mostly on his forehead. Rascal loves to play. He likes to stalk stuffed mouse toys and chase toys with bells. Rascal is a precious boy and he is sure to bring a lot of fun and love to his new forever family. If you miss out on adopting Rascal, he has a brother and sister also in need of loving homes.



Sanders is a cute 7-month-old shepherd mix pup. He is a bundle of energy with an outgoing personality. He loves to explore and interact with people and his surroundings. Sanders needs a home where he will be included in activities, where he will get plenty of exercise and of course love. If Sanders sounds like a good fit for your family come and spend some time with him and you are sure to see the great potential in this charming fellow.

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Winter is definitely here, please take some precautions to keep your pets safe. Dogs and cats are best kept inside during inclement weather, even if they are normally outside animals. If a dog or cat must be outside it is imperative to provide a wind and waterproof kennel with plenty of clean, dry bedding.

Access to fresh water is also a necessity. During cold weather this may mean changing out the water multiple times a day. It is also important to keep your pets paws clean of chemicals used for melting snow and ice. These chemicals will irritate the paw pads and you don’t want your pets ingesting the chemicals when they licks their paws.

If you are providing food and shelter to stray cats, please get them spayed or neutered. Otherwise you will find yourself with many kittens come late spring. Call the humane society if you need help with getting stray and feral cats altered.

Low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter surgery is available for pet owners with low and fixed incomes. Call our Happy Paws Clinic today at (859) 691-1137 for an appointment. Please help control pet over-population by having your pet spayed or neutered.