Respond to shutdown with ‘Payday Boycott’

Published 4:14 pm Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The partial government shutdown that furloughed or withholds pay for 800,000 federal employees is over 30 days long. These workers are paying the price of this shutdown. Most of  us are not. The White House is even bringing more unpaid staff back to keep the pain from the rest of us. But are our nation’s leaders feeling any pain?

Apparently not: Day 30. No deal.

In solidarity with the unpaid and furloughed workers, I will begin a Payday Boycott every Friday until the federal government reopens. I will not buy groceries, clothes, or hardware on Friday. I will not pay my mortgage or utility bill on Friday. I will not go out to supper, attend a paid concert or movie. I will postpone my payday to show my support and as a message: The shutdown has my attention, it does not have my support.

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Will you join me?

Payday Boycott is every Friday: Juggle credit card payments or trips to the grocery store, skip getting take-out or pass on streaming/downloading a movie. Instead, think of those who are, through no fault of their own, fearing the loss of housing and health care.

During the Payday Boycott, I will not buy a car or replace my washing machine, on any day. I will not hire a contractor to fix the basement until this is over. I do not plan to buy a plane ticket or travel out-of-state by car until the government shutdown ends. In other words, I will make no large purchases or financial commitments until the government shutdown ends.

It is time to remind our leaders that they work for us. We are the stockholders and board of directors for the CEO in the White House, and the co-equal leaders in the capital and courts. We do not agree to a shutdown as an appropriate means of governing. Letters and phone calls have been brushed aside. Facebook memes do little to console or support the 800,000. A Payday Boycott is the next step.

Many people are already supporting the unpaid workers through food banks, clothing drives or  forgiving penalties on late payments — even giving meals to federal workers. Let’s do more than watch the news, count the days and shake our heads. Let’s support the workers. Let’s end this thing. #paydayboycott

Walter E. Pond