No more taxation without representation

Published 9:26 pm Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I know you’ve heard this saying before … “No taxation without representation.” It was at times beaten into our elementary school brains during lessons about the founding of our beloved country. It may have been the first real “tweet” to ever take hold in American consciousness.

Yet today, there are literally thousands of Kentuckians who are paying taxes, hard working and living the right life … without representation. How is this possible? How does a basic premise of our country’s founding go unrealized even today? Ask Roger Fox of Shepherds House.

If you are an ex-felon, served your time, worked to re-invent yourself and become a contributor — not a taker — you still don’t get to vote. How is this in any way considered to be the american way? It should be automatic.

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Restore voting rights to ex-felons or don’t tax them. Otherwise, there should be a new “Tea Party” at the Kentucky River.

Roger Hartner