Area swim teams ready for postseason after senior night

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 31, 2019

Area swimming continues to grow, and Tuesday night’s swim meet at Centre College was a perfect example.

Four area teams honored 18 seniors — 14 from Boyle County and four from Danville — in the final regular-season swim meet of the season before regionals.

Boyle County dominated the results from the meet — the Rebels won on the boys and girls side — but just having four teams participating is a huge boost, Danville coach John Anderson said.

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“Just a couple years ago, it was just Boyle and Danville,” Anderson said. “Then we added Lincoln County and that was really cool, now DCA. They didn’t have seniors tonight, but it’s just so good for those four teams. Mercer County and Garrard County, if they had teams they’d be welcome here. We’d just have an all-area party here.

“It’s really cool to see DCA and Lincoln, that competition makes us better. It’s going to make Boyle and Danville better, it’s just really cool to see. Each team has a stud. Each team has somebody that is going to win an event. DCA has some great swimmers, new program. They have started that team from the ground up and they’re only going to get better.”

The Admirals celebrated four seniors — Grace Crawford, Morgan Vest, Zoe Gooch and Kailyn Wilcher — on Tuesday. Crawford (Centre) and Vest (Transylvania) will each swim at the next level.

“Morgan was a sixth grader my first year, that was the last year they let sixth graders swim,” Anderson said. “That’s one of a kind, she’s one of the last swimmers to be able to swim that many years. They were a part of a lot of success, participating in state championships. Grace, we’re really excited for her swimming at Centre at the next level for coach Dean (Brownley). We see a lot of the Centre swimmers, so it’s a lot of fun when one of ours joins Centre. Morgan is going to Transy, we’re excited to see her when she comes and swims at Centre. We’re looking forward to that, we’re looking forward to them improving and getting faster. We know they can, we know they can go to college and succeed at the next level.”

The two swimmers will continue a trend of area swimmers moving on to the next level.

“It’s pretty cool that we have college swimmers,” Anderson said. “I still feel like the young coach but now we have established swimmers. Boyle seniors too, Jack Stomberger has been around forever. When I was 18 and coaching he was there. To see that whole growth is really cool. That’s why nights like tonight are cool, you get to see these swimmers that you’ve known since they were eight or nine grow and be incredible students.”

Boyle County’s senior class was its largest ever, two more than last year’s record-breaking class of 12: Harrison Adams, Ally Anderson, Royce Blevins, Brennen Carlsen, Tyler Carmickle, Natalie Congleton, Jaye Farthing, Ben Hines, Collin McGlone, Emilee Pack, Sarah Snyder, Jared Stivers, Jack Stomberger and Paul Webb.

Farthing has been with the team for seven years, longer than any other Boyle senior.

Last year we had 12 and it was our biggest class, this year we have 14,” Boyle coach Crystal Ellis said. “This year is our biggest again. It was about split in kids that have been on the team before and Jared, he recruited some of his friends who are seniors to come out and dive this year. We had a lot of new divers who came out and wanted to give it a try and support Jared in the process.”

Stivers had a school-record night, posting a 275.8 score in 1-meter diving. The regional dive meet is next Wednesday, with region swimming coming on Friday.

“We swam really well. Meets on the weekday after they’ve been at school are sometimes hit or miss, you have good swims and not so good swims. It’s just like running, you’re fresher in the morning than you are at night. But we have regionals a week from Friday so that’s what we’re focusing on now. This is our last regular-season meet of the year so we’re looking at regionals.”


Top three results per event


Girls 200 yard medley relay

  1. Boyle County (Cora Gilbert, Isabella Spencer, Whitney Bean, Riley Cerqueira), 2:02.99
  2. Danville (Chloe Strysick, Grace Crawford, Zoe Gooch, Morgan Vest), 2:05.61
  3. Boyle County (Nancy Haddad, Christine Haddad, Ella Grace Gover, Ashley Bigelow), 2:17.12


Boys 200 yard medley relay

  1. Boyle County (Creed Farthing, Corbin Coyle, Jack Stomberger, Alex Lockhart), 1:49.50
  2. Danville (Brady Bischoff, Keegyn Wilcher, Max Montgomery, Leif Pellant), 2:00.97
  3. Lincoln County (Kade Bandura, Dalton Patterson, Woods Smith, Daniel Pence (2:09.13)


Girls 200 yard freestyle

  1. Jaye Farthing, Boyle County, 2:10.08
  2. Sophia Fogle, Boyle County, 2:15.16
  3. Whitney Bean, Boyle County, 2:15.37


Boys 200 yard freestyle

  1. Jack Stomberger, Boyle County, 1:54.00
  2. Creed Farthing, Boyle County, 2:02.26
  3. Corbin Coyle, Boyle County, 2:19.04


Girls 200 yard IM

  1. Cora Gilbert, Boyle County, 2:29.42
  2. Isabella Spencer, Boyle County, 2:36.67
  3. Elal Grace Gover, Boyle County, 2:38.33


Boys 200 yard IM

  1. Alex Lockhart, Boyle County, 2:27.51
  2. Logan Richards, Boyle County, 2:44.68
  3. Ayden Bianchi, Boyle County, 2:46.78


Girls 50 yard freestyle

  1. Riley Cerqueira, Boyle County, 26.28
  2. Grace Crawford, Danville, 28.87
  3. Molly McCormack, DCA, 29.07


Boys 50 yard freestyle

  1. Woods Smith, Lincoln County, 23.30
  2. Max Montgomery, Danville, 23.53
  3. Braeden Bisher, DCA, 24.14


Girls 1 meter diving

  1. Sophie Arnold, Boyle County, 158.80
  2. Halee Shepherd, Boyle County, 158.80
  3. Carissa Bernard, Boyle County, 133.80


Boys 1 meter diving

  1. Jared Stivers, Boyle County, 275.80
  2. Keegyn Wilcher, Danville, 205.30
  3. Grant Carlsen, Boyle County, 144.15


Girls 100 yard butterfly

  1. Sydney Brown, Lincoln County, 1:13.50
  2. Ashley Bigelow, Boyle County, 1:25.22
  3. Julia Hunt, Danville, 1:29.28


Boys 100 yard butterfly

  1. Jack Stomberger, Boyle County, 56.93
  2. Mason Lockhart, Boyle County, 1:09.79
  3. Keegan Frisby, Boyle County, 1:23.28


Girls 100 yard freestyle

  1. Riley Cerqueira, Boyle County, 59.51
  2. Sophia Fogle, Boyle County, 1:01.08
  3. Morgan Vest, Danville, 1:03.73


Boys 100 yard freestyle

  1. Woods Smith, Lincoln County, 53.85
  2. Tyler Carmickle, Boyle County, 55.69
  3. Keegyn Wilcher, Danville, 58.67


Girls 500 yard freestyle

  1. Jaye Farthing, Boyle County, 5:58.98
  2. Whitney Bean, Boyle County, 6:00.44
  3. Nancy Haddad, Boyle County, 6:18.70


Boys 500 yard freestyle

  1. Alex Lockhart, Boyle County, 5:50.08
  2. Brady Bischoff, Danville, 5:56.10
  3. Ayden Bianchi, Boyle County, 6:43.28


Girls 200 yard freestyle relay

  1. Boyle County (Isabella Spencer, Sophia Fogle, Whitney Bean, Jaye Farthing), 1:53.98
  2. Boyle County (Ella Grace Gover, Naia Hutchins, Christine Haddad, Ashley Bigelow), 2:01.69
  3. Danville (Kailyn Wilcher, Katie Heath, Sara Beth Miller, Zoe Gooch), 2:05.71


Boys 200 yard freestyle relay

  1. Boyle County (Tyler Carmickle, Corbin Coyle, Mason Lockhart, Alex Lockhart), 1:44.64
  2. Lincoln County (Woods Smith, Kade Bandura, Dalton Patterson, Daniel Pence), 1:57.12
  3. Boyle County (Michael Farthing, Keegan Frisby, Logan Richards, Trey Barnett), 1:58.05


Girls 100 yard backstroke

  1. Cora Gilbert, Boyle County, 1:09.04
  2. Ella Grace Gover, Boyle County, 1:10.08
  3. Nancy Haddad, Boyle County, 1:13.23


Boys 100 yard backstroke

  1. Creed Farthing, Boyle County, 58.28
  2. Braeden Bisher, DCA, 58.62
  3. Max Montgomery, Danville, 1:00.19


Girls 100 yard breaststroke

  1. Grace Crawford, Danville, 1:14.58
  2. Isabella Spencer, Boyle County, 1:18.78
  3. Kailyn Wilcher, Danville, 1:25.32


Boys 100 yard breaststroke

  1. Corbin Coyle, Boyle County, 1:11.25
  2. Brady Bischoff, Danville, 1:13.96
  3. Dalton Patterson, Lincoln County, 1:16.74


Girls 400 yard freestyle relay

  1. Boyle County (Riley Cerqueira, Sophia Fogle, Jaye Farthing, Cora Gilbert), 4:07.87
  2. Danville (Grace Crawford, Morgan Vest, Chloe Strysick, Katie Heath), 4:37.22
  3. Boyle County (Nancy Haddad, Naia Hutchins, Lindsey Couch, Eve Sadler), 4:42.79


Boys 400 yard freestyle relay

  1. Boyle County (Creed Farthing, Mason Lockhart, Jack Stomberger, Tyler Carmickle), 3:45.20
  2. Danville (Max Montgomery, Keegyn Wilcher, Brady Bischoff, Leif Pellant), 4:06.82
  3. Boyle County (Michael Farthing, Ayden Bianchi, Jacob Heist, Oliver Newberry), 4:46.30


Combined scores

  1. Boyle County, 332
  2. Danville, 121
  3. Lincoln County, 74
  4. DCA, 19


Girls scores

  1. Boyle County, 172
  2. Danville, 71
  3. Lincoln County, 34
  4. DCA, 7


Boys scores

  1. Boyle County, 160
  2. Danville, 50
  3. Lincoln County, 40
  4. DCA, 12