Ongoing frustration with governing bodies

Published 7:45 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I have been reading (too much) about fiscal court and our Danville government lately. One could almost produce a book with the articles that have been written. Gip Graham’s take on the whole matter is kind of the way I’m feeling about our two governing bodies now, but I do want to make a few points.

• Temper — attributed to Magistrate Sammons, whom I do not know. Many of us have temper flares from time to time and yes, yours truly, is guilty. The editorial on the 20th made it seem that this man is mad all the time. His sentences were reported many times in many articles about the disagreements between the city and county over important issues. By the way, I do know Tom Ellis. He is a trustworthy person with a great background and should be able to help the county in many ways.

• Headlines — Ms. Wilson-Reddy’s article entitled “Some adults are helping kids; others acting like children,” but the title did not include a portion at the end of the article, where she, too, took a shot at Mr. Sammons and, also Mr. Ellis regarding the meeting where Mr. Sammons lost his “temper.”

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• Reporting – Not everything reported in the paper is the “whole story,” as Mr. Ellis pointed out in his article. I assume Ms. Curd recorded the meetings and then wrote the articles, except the length of them. What bothers me in all this back and forth, though, is what other communication took place via email, phone or text about the the issues between our magistrates and commissioners and other entities.

Shirley S. Kindel