Clarifying on audit of Parks & Rec

Published 6:34 pm Monday, March 18, 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a point that Elaine Wilson-Reddy made in her contributing columnist editorial, “Play by the rules or don’t play at all”. 

She made reference to the importance of seeing the audit for Parks and Rec as part of the annual budget process. She is correct in acknowledging how important this is in oversight of the expenditure of our tax dollars.

I would encourage everyone that is interested in Parks and Rec budgeting and any other Special Purpose Government Entity (SPGE) to go to the Kentucky Department of Local Government web page at and then go to the SPGE Public Portal, select Boyle County in the drop down menu. You can see the audits and financial reporting information for all of our local SPGE’s at this spot which is a great tool for transparency in government.

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Jamey Gay

Magistrate District 5

Boyle County Fiscal Court