Rec league has its perks

Published 6:46 pm Monday, March 18, 2019


Boyle County High School

Kids throughout Boyle County have a competitive spirit and they love the opportunity to challenge one another. Thankfully, there are various school and non-school related activities that allow young people to take part in very competitive situations here in our area.

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One of the most commonly loved activities is sponsored by the Danville-Boyle County Parks and Recreation Department and is simply known as ‘rec league basketball’. Rec basketball is designed for players who just like to shoot around and have fun playing against friends on opposing teams. The environment is not nearly as intense as structured high school basketball, and kids can sign up together to create their own rosters with friends. As far as a coach, this person usually ends up being a parent who has been volunteered to contribute.

BCHS senior Harrison Adams, a member of the Raptors, sees forming relationships with other teens as a perk of rec league basketball. “It puts you in a position to meet new people and create more friendships with others.”

Another great asset of the league is the playing time that is divided among the players. It does not matter how amazingly good you are, you will still find time on the bench to allow others an opportunity to take the court.

Rec basketball means a little something different to everyone who plays in the league. Some do it solely for fun, while others use it to increase their skill level before potentially playing high school ball, and some set out to be a rec league legend.

“It means having fun to me,” shares Allison Goble, a senior at Boyle County. “It means a lot less commitment and a lot of fun, too.”