Property transfers published March 21

Published 7:26 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Margaret C. Davis, by and through John S. Davis, her attorney-in-fact to Joseph R. and Cathie J. Faulkner, property in Brentwood Subdivision, $140,000.

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Debora K. Engle and William Engle to Paul S. White, straw person to Debora K. Engle, William Engle and Jeffrey B. Johnson, property on Stewarts Lane, gift; fair market value, $25,000.

Michael and Ann K. R. Dawson and Donlevy R. Harris, Sr. to Ravy Mey and Kosal Orn, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $152,500.

Glenn D. and Sally F. Steinberger to Crystal and Bobby Wilson, III, 1.015 acres in Boyle County, $17,000.

Glenn D. and Sally F. Steinberger to Bobby Wilson, III, 2.012 acres in Boyle County, $4,000.

Conjuna and Robert T. Collier, Rodney Durham, and Roger L. Durham to Rodney Durham, lot on Locust Street, $1.00; fair market value, $45,000.

Viola D. Wilmot to Suzanne Portwood, three lots in Paula Heights Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $65,000.

US Bank National Association to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on Tank Pond Road, $83,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Angelia J. and Bradley G. Luttrell, Debra Jo Meece, and Danny G. Pendleton to Danny G. Pendleton, two parcels in Casey County, $30,000.

Elsie G. Blankenship to Floyd A. Southerland, parcel on Terrell Lane, gift; fair cash value, $40,000.

Jesse M. and Meranda Milroy to Mickey and Candace Randolph, parcel on Dewey Miller Road, gift; fair cash value, $12,000.

David and Margaret Grider to Stephen W. and Bridgett N. Blake, parcel on US 127, $132,500.

Terri L. Gilpin to Gary R. Ross, one acre in Casey County, $31,000.

Travis P. Turpin, individually and as executor of the estate of Frankie Turpin, Wendy Turpin, Randall L. and Reva Richardson, and Trever F. Turpin to Samuel M. and Miriam U. Miller, two parcels in Casey County, $115,000.

Sheila L. and Johnny R. Hogue and Lecia M. and Stephen J. True to John and Karen Sparr, parcel on Bee Lee Road, $12,500.

Glenna A. Burke to Ronnie J. and Betty C. Hanner, two tracts in Casey County, $372,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Matthew and Robin A. Prager to Robin A. Prager, lot in Stone Heritage Estates, gift; value of property, $115,000.

Martenia and Martin Ambrosio to Martenia and Martin Ambrosio, 1.46 acre lot in Sunrise Estates, survivorship; fair cash value, $72,000.

Terry R. and Patty J. Cheeks and Jonna R. and Chris Mize to Terry J. and Bethany L. Cheeks, two tracts in Garrard County, $60,000.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to Milton D. Jackson, lot in Sunrise Estates Subdivision, $140,100.

MMT Development Co., LLC to Carol and Tommy R. McClanahan, Jr., lot in River Run Subdivision, $246,000.

Billy C. and Rilda L. Major to Billy M. and Kathy Major, one acre tract in Garrard County, $57,000.

Mary V. Shields, by and through her attorneys-in-fact, John P. and Jessica Shields to Jennifer and James C. Cox, Jr., 39.58 acres in Garrard County, $499,900.

Jerry S. and Debbie Carrier to Jason and Jessica Fyfe, one acre tract in Garrard County, $3,000.

Theresa and Denver A. Cheek II to Theresa and Denver A. Cheek II, property located in the community of Teatersville, survivorship; fair cash value, $23,000.

Kathy B. and Boyd C. Walker to Laura Penton, by Michele Spottswood, her attorney-in-fact and Michele Spottswood, two lots in Woodlawn Estates, $329,000.

John W. and Carolyn Boone to John Boone, Jr. and Carolyn Boone, trustees of the John Boone, Jr. Living Trust and Carolyn Boone and John Boone Jr., trustees of the Carolyn Boone Living Trust, property on Hunter Drive, $1.00; fair cash value, $615,000.

Dustin Skinner to Arnold R. Akers III, property on Hubble Road, $63,500.

Jennifer S. Price to Ethan Lake, four tracts in Garrard County, $260,000.

Elleman Properties, LLC to Christopher T. Elleman, 13.39 acres on Gillespie Pike, $150,000.

Karen S. and William D. Hazlett to Kathleen and Ronald Howard, 0.067 acres in Garrard County, $1.00; fair cash value, $100.

Christopher L. Robinson to Roughwood Holdings, LLC, one acre lot in Garrard County, $20,000.

BJT Properties, LLC to Keith F. Lewis and Laura Driscoll, 1.763 acres in Garrard County, $134,500.

Richard Lee Gibson, executor of the estate of Earl W. Gibson; Patsy Ann Casteel; Richard Lee Gibson, individually; unknown spouse of Richard Lee Gibson; Mary E. Gibson; unknown spouse of Mary E. Gibson; Henderson Goins, Jr. and Mary Jane Goins; and Trifera, LLC, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Robin L. Hall Ray and Dwight Ray, property on Buckeye Road, $25,000.

Barry Peel to Olive M. Allen, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $130,000.

Timothy and Tammy May to Inspired General Contracting, LLC, 5.939 acres in Garrard County, $120,000.

Carmela and Steve Clark, Kim and Jerome Salyers, and Adam Earles to Ricky Tudor, 1.25 acres on Harmon’s Lick Road, $8,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

David and Wendy Ellicott to Stephen Douglas Gaither, 1.28 acres on U.S. 27, lying north of Skyline Drive, $130,000.

Jonathan and Jessica Gay and Lyndon C. and Wanda Peck to James Martin and Ella Jane Schuler, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, $147,500.

Billy Griffin to Jeffrey W. and Carolyn L. Carman, 0.25 acre at intersection of Stanford Street and Church Street, $1,000.

Tammie Wolfinbarger to Jeffrey and Carolyn Carman, 0.25 acre at intersection of Stanford Street and Church Street, release of payment obligation and dismissal of counterclaim; fair market value, $5,000.

Jeffery S. Durham, Tracey L. Durham and Sadie E. Durham to Sadie E. Durham, two tracts of land on Logan Avenue, Stanford; gift, fair cash value, $65,000.

U.S. Bank to Johnny Matherly, lot in Broughtontown Estates Subdivision, $25,000.

Jeremy Terry and Barbara Horn to Joyce A. Johnson, lot in Hanson Hills Subdivision, $87,000.

Marvin E. Crawley to Michael D. and Freda J. Peyton, property on the Green River, South Fork and Jumbo Road, $6,500.

Ray S. and Nina Jean Griffin to Christopher and Michelle Hogue, 1.028 acres on U.S. 27, lying three miles north of Waynesburg, $178,000.

Jason and Katrina Hampton to Charles A. Bryant, two lots in Land Addition to Stanford, located on Herndon Avenue, $12,500.

Daniel Wesley and Haylee Ralston to Vance and Kendra Mitchell, two tracts of land off KY 3248 (Carman Lane), containing 3.72 acres, $1; fair cash value, $18,750.

Norma Manuel to Kimberley Luttrell, one acre in Lincoln County, $1, in consideration of agreeing that transfer of property is prepayment of child support obligation; fair cash value, $17,000.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, to Farmer & Resch Developments, LLC, property on Darst Street, Stanford, $1,123.02.

Shirley Cloyd Sanders to Jordan and Jesslyn Brianne Kelsey, lot in Dix River Estates Subdivision, in consideration of terms of settlement agreement in Civil Action No. 17-CI-00406; fair cash value, $210,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

E R Land, LLC to Holly B. Van Horn, three lots in Graham Springs Addition, $50,000.

Stewart W. and Janice F. Martt to Christopher and Katrina Chilton, lot in Keller-Clarke Station Subdivision, $118,500.

James L. and Margaret B. Hacker to Shelley C. and James L. Hacker, Jr., unit of the Paradise Condominium Company Horizontal Property Regime, gift; fair market value, $60,000.

William T. Simpson to Michael and Carol Conover, 27.867 acres in Mercer County, $55,000.

Robert Hall, LLC  to Homestead Real Estate Holdings, LLC, two parcels of The Mariner Group, LLC, $220,000.

Willa Wills to William J. and Wendy B. Wren, property on McCoun’s Ferry Road, Salvisa, $175,000.

Lou A. and Carroll Drury, Norma J. and Charles O. Durham, III, John M. and Gloria White, Linda C. and Robert C. Green to Andrew E. O’Brien, property on West Office Street, $79,000.

Danny E. and Julie S. Selby, two lots in Herrington Woods Subdivision, $339,000.