Excited for farmers market to open in Constitution Square

Published 6:53 pm Friday, March 22, 2019

I volunteer with the Boyle County Farmers Market (BCFM) on the Kentucky Double Dollars (KYDD) program. I want to thank the Boyle County Magistrates for their unanimous vote to approve a license agreement to set up this season’s market in Constitution Square.

As many of you know, Danville is classified as a food desert. That means there is no supermarket downtown to provide access to fresh foods. The BCFM has been held at Danville High School for the last two seasons and they have been terrific hosts. However, the high school is not downtown and therefore provided less than ideal access to those without transportation.

KYDD targets those who qualify for SNAP, WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) benefits. KYDD will match those benefits dollar for dollar. SNAP requires nothing more than checking in at the BCFM KYDD tent and swiping your benefit card to receive tokens to shop the market. The KYDD match will be available for SNAP as soon as the market opens in late April.

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WIC and SFMNP require vouchers to be presented at the KYDD tent and then the customer will be given KYDD matching vouchers. WIC vouchers will be available at the Boyle County Health Department usually in late spring/early summer and SFMNP vouchers can be obtained from Bluegrass Community Action Partnership around the same time. Vouchers are given out on a first come, first served basis and supplement (not deduct from) any benefit you receive. Watch for postings/mailings from these organizations to learn when the vouchers will become available.

The goal of KYDD is to encourage consumption of more fresh local fruits and vegetables.  One of the raps on farmers markets is that they are more expensive than supermarkets.  KYDD helps make the farmers markets more affordable.  The move to Constitution Square makes the market more accessible.

If you, or someone you know, qualify for the KYDD program, please use and share this information widely. We have incredible farmers who will be happy to speak with you about what they grow and how you can make the best use of what you buy. BCFM thanks Heart of Kentucky United Way and Community Farm Alliance for their financial support of KYDD. I am very excited that the BCFM will be downtown and encourage everyone to stop by and shop (and while you are downtown, visit our wonderful brick and mortar stores).

Julie Pease