Property transfers, April 11

Published 8:11 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

John B. and Betty Hughes to Mary Lou Lynn, condominium unit in Premier Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $224,500.

Mary Lou Lynn and John L. Everett to Marcia Herdrich, lot in McDowell Estates, $205,000.

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C & R Homes, LLC to Michael C. and Deborah G. Rogers, property in Green Acres Subdivision, $187,000.

Crouse Investments, LLC to Villas At Ridgefield Farm Homeowners Association, Inc., 27.410 acres in Boyle County, $180,000.

Villas At Ridgefield Farm Homeowners Association, Inc. to Brooke-Tate Properties, LLC, property in Boyle County, $180,000.

John W. and Donna Hankla to Stoney Point Holdings, LLC, 8.068 acres in Boyle County, transfer; fair market value, $290,000.

David A. and Luann Forish to Terry L. and Sherry L. Hodge, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $252,000.

Rachel D. Mullins to Danielle Barradas and Cesar D. Barradas Quezada, lot in Southgate Subdivision, $120,000.

Hassen and Teresa M. Boukabache to Watts Investments, LLC, two tracts in Boyle County, $55,000.

Robert R. and Elaine S. Carstensen to Christopher K. Herron, trustee to Robert R. and Elaine S. Carstensen, two parcels in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $610,000.

Tammy Gammon, executor of the estate of William C. Sinkhorn to Dwight Williams and Gail B. Best, lot in Melrose Estates Subdivision, $205,000.

Jerry W. and Melissa Carter to William R. and Kelly J. Rankin, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $49,000.

Bux, Bux, Rivard and Serey, LLC to POA Properties, LLC, 1.087 acres in Boyle County, $312,000.

Kenneth and Judith I. Dickey to Janet Irvin, lot in Ridgefield Subdivision, $132,500.

Danville Host, LLC to LE Investments, LLC,1.405 acres in Boyle County, $385,500.

Mark A. Taylor to Luther M. and Connie J. Galloway, four tracts in Boyle County, $30,000.

Travis Bishop and Gabrielle Bishop to Lucinda and Iva M. Collins, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $220,000.

James F. and Dorothy Crain to Elmtree Apartments, LTD, 3.01 acres in Boyle County, $30,000.

William C. Brown to Mark Walker, property in Junction City, $5,500.

Sarah E. Lashley to Lenora Corcoran, property on East Main Street, $175,000.

Brett A. Werner and Ann Goodwin to Melissa V. and Andrew W. Kesler, two parcels in Boyle County, $115,000.

Century Bank of Kentucky, Inc., Chalon Davis, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Rick Cole, lot in Ridgefield Subdivision, $46,001.

Rick and Elizabeth Cole, by Rick Cole, attorney-in-fact to Jim and Deborah Gibson, 0.274 acres in Boyle County, $26,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Shirley J. Degeer to Gary E. Salyers, 3.151 acres on Jackie Hollow Road, $118,000.

C.M. and Thomas Swizek to Matthew Carrington, 2.457 acres in Casey County, $20,000.

Pamela C. and Steven L. Lovelady, Barry K. Campbell, Kimberly J. and Mark L. Price and Angela C. and Patrick C. Moore to Jeffrey L. and Donna K. Carman, 0.870 acre tract northeast of Liberty, $5,000.

James C. Peck and Anita L. Borges, successor trustees of the Cecil H. Peck and Etta M. Peck Family Trust to Robert W. and Janice M. Atwood and Christopher W. Atwood, 15 acres in Casey County, $200,000.

Owens Development, LLC to Ashley and Reggie Tipton, parcel on KY 80, $55,000.

Billy G. and Teresa J. Denson to Jerry W. Thomas, three lots in Hilltop Mobile Home Subdivision, $17,500.

Larry Scott to Clifton and Hazel Scott, parcel on Trammel Street, $150,000.

W. Brent Woodrum to Matthew S. and Julie S. Coffey, tract on Wilson Ridge County Road, $32,000.

William and Michelle Floyd to Beth A. and Larry P. Cork, Jr., one acre in Casey County, $25,000.

Phillip D. and Amanda S. Murphy to Karen R. Murphy, parcel on Ryefield Ridge or Poodle Doo Road, gift; fair cash value, $4,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Mark and Nancy S. Ballard to Jason Hensley, lot in Buena Vista Estates, $16,000.

Dmitriy V. and Enna Panchelyuga and Vladimir and Varvara Panchelyuga to Nathan A. Bustle and Tiffany B. Holmes, lot in Cade’s Cove Subdivision, $210,000.

Phillip A. and Leslie A. Proffitt to MMT Development Company, LLC lot in Woodsprings Subdivision, $22,000.

Joe and Mary Mast to Robert C. Tussey III and Sonyia C. Rizzi, property on Hamilton Valley Road, $170,000.

Steven W. and Annette Fuller to Jeffrey L. and Catherine L. Fuller, lot in Garrard County, $25,000.

Steven W. and Annette Fuller to Jeffrey L. and Catherine L. Fuller, lot in Garrard County, $10,000.

Marilyn Preston to Maverick Hall, 0.501 acres in Garrard County, gift; value of property, $50,000.

James M. and Pamela D. Freeman to Brandon L. and Irina Anderson, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $180,000.

Barbara K. and James J. Saunders to Stephen A. Dexter, trustee to Barbara K. and James J. Saunders, lot in Rocky Fork Estates, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $245,000.

BOKF, N.A. to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, an officer of the United States, property on Locust Lane, $86,662.69.

The Garrard County Fiscal Court to City of Lancaster, two tracts on new US Hwy. 27, transfer; fair cash value, $127,500.

Ricky and Margaret Tudor to Lila Rogers, one acre on Old Richmond Road, gift; fair market value, $1,900.

Ricky and Margaret Tudor to Lila Rogers, one acre on Old Richmond Road, gift; fair market value, $2,000.

Joy Pingleton to Timmy D. Pingleton, property on Hwy. 954, gift; fair market value, $6,000.

Ezma J. Pingleton to Timmy D. Pingleton, property on Hwy. 954, gift; fair market value, $1,200.

Tatyana K. and Ronald Victor to Vasily Smal, two tracts on Sylvan Way, $55,000.

Mary M. Sewell to David W. Sewell, two tracts on Davistown Road, $1.00, gift; value of property, $116,000.

Hunter and Marissa Hensley to Jacob and Megan Smith, lot in Cades Cove Subdivision, $179,000.

Roy and Johnna Haddix to Shawn N. Haddix, 0.940 acre tract on Tanyard Branch Road, $10,000.

Robert E. and Carrie Hoppa to Steven J. Roach and Jamie A. Speake, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $165,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Larry R. Bradley to Chester Rice, 11.76 acres off Old U.S. 150, $39,000.

Jeff and Terri Wright to Fred V. Short, approximately 0.25 acre on Short Street, Hustonville, $800; fair cash value, $5,000.

Richard L. and Delilah Ann Peek to Richard L. and Delilah Ann Peek, property on the Geneva-McKinney Road, survivorship deed; fair market value, $5,000.

Richard L. and Delilah Ann Peek to Richard L. and Delilah Ann Peek, approximately 0.50 acre in the Geneva area, survivorship deed; fair market value, $3,700.

Sheila Mullins to Sheila Mullins, trustee of the Sheila Mullins 2015 Living Trust, three tracts of land on U.S. 27, south of Stanford, containing approximately 16.962 acres; fair cash value, $83,600.

Jonathan M. and Allison E. Hunt to William T. and Alicia Dishon, lot in Shelby Woods Subdivision, $250,000.

Mike and Wendy Pecci to Bliss Creek Farm, LLC, approximately 33.529 acres on Pine Grove Road, $170,000.

Michael D. and Sonja Marie Rhodus to Cody P. and Brittany Leigh Harmon, 7.451 acres on Preachersville Road, $144,500.

Jerry and Phyllis Roberts to Jimmy Roberts, three parcels of property on South Fork Road and Rube Brown Road, containing approximately 2.15 acres, gift; fair cash value, $42,300.

Virginia Marlene Farmer to Marilyn Bonilla Tomlin, property on Alley Street, Kings Mountain, $9,000.

Lucinda and Iva Collins to Jameson Blake and Taylor Morgan DeBord, lot in Cold Springs Subdivision, $145,500.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Alvin D. Blackburn, Gina Blackburn, unknown spouses of K.D. Timberlake and Marie Marlow, Commonwealth of Kentucky Division of Collections, Department of Revenue, and Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center Inc., by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner to JPMorgan Chase Bank, lot in Raintree Subdivision, $60,000.

Lydia Alcorn and Christopher Alcorn to George Miller and Priscilla L. Kennedy-Miller, two tracts of land on Boneyville Road and Blue Lick Road, containing approximately 4.557 acres, $5,000.

Todd and Tammy Sears and J. Timothy Sears to Billy and Tara Miniard, property in Baughman Heights Subdivision, on Newland’s Lane, $85,900.

Brenda C. and William Daniels to Donna Cheatham Snyder, property in Country Meadows Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $89,900.

Thomas and Anna Sims to Ralph S. Coleman, lot in Disney Place Subdivision, $103,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

John W. Huffman, through his attorney-in-fact, Jessica Huffman and Jessica Huffman to Amanda J. and Andrea A. Brooks, lot in Poplar Heights Subdivision, $125,000.

John J. and Dagmar M. Vondracek to Dagmar M. and John J Vondracek Trustees or their successors in interest, of the Vondracek Revocable Living Trust, three parcels in Mercer County, transfer; fair cash value, $222,500.

Estate of Kathleen L. Newby, by Jerry W. Newby and James B. Newby, co-administrators to Dustin C. and Erika Jo Miller, property on Rainbow Court, $150,000.

Monte R. and Diana K. Kelly to Emily C. and Mitchell R. Watson, 9.707 acres in Mercer County, $245,000.

Connie Conkright, as executrix of the estate of Wanda Lee Southerland to C. Alex Montgomery, 8.7 acres on Hwy. 152, $309,000.

Leah H. and Robert J. Hart to Clarence K. Cundiff, unit in Paradise Condominium Co. Horizontal Property Regime, $153,000.

Edward and Debra Miladin to Bradford J. and Deborah A. Armbruster, two tracts in Mercer County, $7,500.

Pamela J. and Donald W. Webb to Cody A. and Hannah L. Shepperson, property in Mercer County, $50,000.

Michael V. and Amanda L. Broccolo to Macloon and Company, LLC, lot in Elliott’s Addition, $16,000.

Richard C. and Barbara J. Burton to Heather A. and Aaron D. Musick, two lots in Riverview Estates Subdivision, $158,500.

Steven F. and Tonya S. Bragg to Tharan and Diane Green, lot in Bellair Estate Subdivision, $182,000.

Jorge L. Delvalle to Timothy and Melinda Byrd, 18.81 acres on Bruners Chapel Road, $75,000.

Stephen and JoAnn Robinson to Robin M. Renfrow and Patrick G. Tichenor, property on Main Street in Salvisa, $210,000.

Margaret B. and McKinley Anness, Jr. to Willoughby Holdings, LLC, property on South Main Street, $78,000.

Frank and Connie Preston to Melissa B. Holland, property in Mercer County, $91,500.

Myles and Aleshia Hill to Jerry and Lora C. White, tract from the division of the Lakeview Cattle Co., $1.00; fair cash value, $16,000.

Lisa L. Lester, as co-executrice under the last will and testament of William W. Lester, and Gary Moss, and Lana L. Yates, as co-executrice under the last will and testament of William W. Lester, and Joey Yates to Jerry L. and Lora C. White, property on East Office Street, $90,000.