Bank on the Easter Bunny to visit

Published 4:52 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In celebration of American Bankers Association, Teach Children to Save Day, on April 12, Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank held events at its three locations

Lancaster Elementary School kindergarteners visted with the Easter bunn at Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank on April 12.

for children.

Friday morning, CKFSB in Lancaster, invited kindergarten students from Lancaster Elementary School to visit the bank and have photos taken with the Easter bunny. Later in the afternoon the Easter bunny visited the bank’s locations on Main Street and Ridgefield in Danville. Every child who visited CKFSB received a coin bank and a publication from the Federal Reserve titled “Great Minds Think A New Guide to Money.”

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AVP Business Development Officer/Branch Manager of Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank Kathy McBee, said, “Banks across the country participate in various ways on this day to educate children about money and developing the habit from a young age of saving for a more secure future. As bankers, we believe it is never too early to teach children these valuable lessons.”