Doesn’t understand anger at Trump

Published 4:44 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I would like to respond to G. Elaine Wilson-Reddy’s column of April 12th called, “Undying loyalty to Trump is perplexing.”

As a Trump supporter, I am baffled by the anger and downright hatred against him by some. To me, the country is in a better place and the economy is booming. President Trump speaks of friendship with our foes as a strategy to convince them to see things our way. He knows it is unlikely but short of war, what else would you do? North Korea is no longer firing missiles over Japan or threatening our people in Guam. Little steps, little steps.

President Reagan befriended Prime Minister Gorbachev of Russia and succeeded in bringing down the Berlin Wall. President Trump is frank and direct, but you know where he stands. To those who are offended, remember Celebrity Apprentice and “You’re fired.” Many people applauded that.

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On immigration, I would like to suggest that if 4,000 immigrants arrived tomorrow morning in Danville what would we do? I doubt that there are enough apartments available to house them or enough open job positions to employ them or the capacity in the local school system to handle the children. This is what the towns along the Mexican border face every day.

Surely the leader of a huge, multi-national, multi-million-dollar corporation should be respected for his intelligence. President Trump is not a subtle man, nor has he ever pretended to be, but he deserves your respect, not your disdain for his plain speaking style.

I’m confused about the accusation that President Trump has had affairs before he became president. He was blackmailed by two women and he paid the blackmail to keep the accusations private. So, when did blackmail become honorable and legal?

To put this in historical perspective, during FDR’s presidency, he had two mistresses, JFK was rumored to have several affairs, one with Marilyn Monroe, and Bill Clinton was accused of rape, paid $850,000 to Paula Jones for sexual harassment and had a sexual incident with a young WH intern named Monica Lewinsky. Are Democrats okay with that? Apparently so.

One last point. Senator McCain promised to vote yes to repeal and replace Obamacare and reneged at the last minute. President Trump understandably feels betrayed. War heroes are not perfect and neither are presidents. So let us all agree to respectfully disagree for the good of the country.

Joyce L Eaton