Spring Biannual Hydrant Flushing and Testing

Published 6:42 pm Thursday, April 18, 2019


Press release

The Danville Fire Department will begin the 2019 Spring hydrant flushing and testing on Monday.

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Signs will be posted in each area before flushing begins, which will be done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Flushing and testing is done to ensure that all city-owned hydrants and water lines are operating properly and will be usable during a fire emergency.

It may cause discoloration of household water in or near the areas being tested, which is a result of iron deposits being disturbed during the flushing process. Iron deposits can build up inside pressure tanks, water heaters and water pipes, and can occasionally break loose, causing rusty water when faucets are first opened. This happens especially when city or household water lines are disturbed (moved, replaced, back flushed or repaired).

Customers are advised to check water for signs of discoloration prior to doing laundry. If there is discoloration in the water, let it run until it clears, which usually takes less than five minutes. If laundry appears stained, keep the articles wet and rewash them using a rust-removing compound. Do not use bleach on stained laundry, as it will “set” the stain.

The tentative schedule follows, and streets include adjacent areas and roadways. Rain and emergencies may delay testing:

• Monday, April 22 — Green Acres, Candlewood, Danville High School area

  Tuesday, April 23 — East Main Street, Hill n Dale area

  Wednesday, April 24 — Indian Hills, Lexington Road. and Goggin Lane and Grabruck Street areas

  Thursday, April 25 — Shakertown Road area through North Sixth Street

  Friday, April 26 — Streamland, Colonial and Brookcove subdivisions

  Monday, April 29 — Downtown area, includes Broadway to Martin Luther King

(firefighters will also be testing the downtown area beginning at 7 p.m. to avoid traffic problems)

  Tuesday, April 30 — Maple Ave area, Argyll subdivision, Hardee Street area, Caldwell Manor

  Wednesday, May 1 —  West Danville, Boyle County High School area and Millennium Park

  Thursday, May 2 — Ben Ali area, Danville Square and Bluegrass subdivision, Bluegrass Pike

  Friday, May 3 — South Fourth Street, Kentucky School for the Deaf area, stockyards area and J.E. Woods Drive

  Monday, May 6 — Stanford Road area

  Tuesday, May 7—  Highland Court, Duncan Hill, Baughman Avenue and Imperial Trailer Park

  Wednesday, April 27 — Cloverdale, Ridgefield, Paula Heights subdivisions

  Thursday, May 8 — Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison and Lisa avenues areas and Brookshire subdivision

  Friday, May 9 — South Danville bypass area, Walton and May Blvd. Popplewell

  Monday, May 12 — Stewarts Lane, Lebanon Road, Industrial Park, Corporate Drive areas

For more information contact: Danville Fire Department, (859) 238-1211.