Boyle’s courtyard gets an update

Published 5:02 pm Monday, April 22, 2019


Boyle County High School

Boyle County High School is going through some changes that may seem small to outsiders, but definitely a big deal to students.

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The cut-through walkway known as ‘the courtyard’, an uncovered, grassy and concrete area in the center of the building’s bricked wings, is being renovated. Benches will be added forvadditional seating, and the space will be spruced up with light landscaping.

The students responsible for this project’s undertaking are members of Matthew Whitaker’s Agriculture Construction Skills classes and Kerrie Goggin’s Fashion and Interior Design II course.

In order to develop a plan of action for the design scheme, Goggin’s students created a survey sent by email to all students, hoping to get input on what everyone would enjoy. “For the students, the most challenging aspect was filtering through the surveys sent to faculty and students to find an idea that everybody would be comfortable with and that everybody would like.”

After filtering through many suggestions, a project plan was created. With work now underway, Whitaker’s groups are responsible for the construction of benches and landscaping, while Goggin’s classes are working to beautify the area with general cleanup and the fabrication of throw pillows for decor enhancement.

Whitaker says his classes have built two benches that wrap around the two pear trees, as well as a single L-shaped bench. They hope to add at least one more L-shaped bench before the end of the school year, with intentions of adding the bedding plants as well.

He adds that all of this work would not be possible without Library Media Specialist Julie Taylor bringing up the idea of renovations, then applying and receiving a grant for funding.

Whitaker says he is looking forward to having an extra area for the students to relax during break, as well as an outdoor teaching space. “It’s something everybody can use and enjoy because nobody’s really using the courtyard right now.”

Goggin believes the interdisciplinary project has been a very valuable experience for everyone

involved. “I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. I like the fact that the students have had a hands-on component throughout the whole project.”