Re-elect Harmon state auditor

Published 4:58 pm Monday, April 22, 2019

Honest, intelligent and reliable, these are the characteristics that are needed for the office of the state auditor. Nobody better defines these than Mike Harmon.

Since 2004, Harmon has served the people of Kentucky, from being a member in the House of Representatives (District 54) to the office he currently holds, Kentucky state auditor. Harmon has always served the people of Kentucky with honesty and dedication.

People who have worked with Harmon have nothing to say but great things. Daniel Elliott, who is Harmon’s successor in the House of Representatives, says he is “fully supporting his re-election in 2019 because he has a long record that supports his commitment to the people of Kentucky as a dedicated public servant with conservative values and a dedication to doing his job well.”

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When Harmon entered the state auditor’s role, he made a goal/motto to always “follow the data.” Meaning that when they audit someone it is done strictly because of the data, not because of party affiliation. According to the Republican Party of Kentucky, “Kentucky deserves public servants that work for the people and not for liberal special interests. Mike Harmon wants to take a stand for the Kentucky taxpayer and work to bring our state back from the brink of insolvency.” This very important during the current state of Kentucky’s retirement/pension system, which Harmon audited in 2018 and found major overpayments that summed up to nearly $2.37 million dollars.

Harmon said he was “inspired by reading of Lincoln’s faith during difficult times.” Harmon says he gets his motivation from a motto he created for himself, “I have no desire to leave a legacy except: That I served my Lord; I served my Family; And I served my Country; Well.”

When I asked Harmon how he can ensure people that he is the best candidate, he said, “I just ask people to look at what I stand for, at my record, and then ask them to keep me in mind.” I also asked Harmon if he is seeking a higher office, in which he replied, “I’ll have to pray about it, but hope to run for an additional office.”

His faith, his service, and his love for the Bluegrass inspire me deeply. I pray for his re-election campaign and I hope you keep your minds open, no matter your party affiliation, in voting for the office of state auditor.

Daniel McQuerry