‘Outside In’

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Woodlawn’s Drama Club — comprised of 26 students in grades 2nd thru 5th — have spent months learning their lines, dance moves, and their cues to perform a play at West T. Hill Community Theatre. The play, “Outside In,” was written, produced, and directed by Woodlawn’s art teacher Hillary Zimmerman. The play focuses on how different personalities can strengthen friendships. The cast performed a matinee on Monday, April 22nd at West T. Hill in front of an audience of second graders. It is very rare that West T. Hill has a school visit the theatre for a matinee. It is even more rare that the performers of any cast consist solely of elementary school children. The audience members learned via the experience of watching their peers the elements of a live theatrical performance.

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