Police did good job dealing with suspect

Published 4:35 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I saw Danville police apprehend an obvious suspect on McClure Drive recently. Walking along the sidewalk, at approx. 1005-1010 hours along McClure, I noticed a man with a backpack walking toward me on the street. As he and I drew closer to each other, he turned and started walking the other way. 

As I crossed the street to the DanTran stop sign side, two vehicles marked POLICE pulled in.  They stopped and blocked the street. The officer in the forward vehicle got out and commanded the man to turn around, twice. The man continued advancing. The officer grappled with the man. The suspect swung hitting the officer on the left side of his face, if memory serves me right. They continued to grapple and the other officer, moving quickly, grabbed the suspect and moved him on to the grassy area, off the street. 

At that time both officers, grappling with the suspect took him down, with his face to the ground. The man was still struggling as they moved his arms behind his back to secure his hands. I waited, this whole time, on the sidewalk until my ride, DanTran, pulled in. I began walking toward Stanford Road and DanTran pulled in to the first parking lot on the right.

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As I walked past the officers I heard the officer who was hit in the face, telling the others what happened. I stopped to tell them I had witnessed the entire ordeal; actually before the police arrived. I was asked to wait, if they needed a statement; one officer got my name, address, and number, so I wouldn’t have to wait.

This was the first time I have ever seen the Danville Police in action and I was impressed with their professionalism. The suspect hit the officer in the face, and I would not have blamed the officer to retaliate likewise. But neither officer hit the man with anything; not one time.

If the police department in Danville would like to use any part, or the whole of this letter they have my permission. As well they have my phone number.

Jeffrey L. King