Are you living the life of a criminal?

Published 4:03 pm Friday, May 3, 2019


Guest columnist

Since the beginning of civilization, when man first started to form laws, there have been those that never seem to be able to live within those laws and are deemed as criminals. Most of us think of ourselves as good law-abiding citizens. We pay our taxes, raise our families, and obey the law … or do we?

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Many of us are actually criminals in disguise. If a criminal can be defined as someone that does not follow a particular written law then yes, I would say that many of you are indeed criminals and break the law almost every day.

The law I am talking about is speeding. Many of you break this law and think nothing of it or you may not even consider this a crime at all. The fact is that speeding is one of the most violated laws in existence. People do it every day without a second thought. Those signs by the side of the highway are just mere suggestions and not meant to be taken seriously, right? Wrong!

Everyone seems to be in a hurry and simply cannot follow the speed limits out of fear they might miss that last pork roast that is on sale at Kroger. That is, unless there is a police car parked on the side of the road, then everyone on the road in unison hits their brakes. It could not be any more in unison than if we were a group of synchronized swimmers.

In fact, with the technology of today’s radar guns in use by law enforcement, by the time you see them, they already got you if they want you. Never mind that we are essentially driving a 2000 pound weapon and being in control at all times is essential to staying alive and preventing an accident.

It’s confusing as to why we call two cars crashing an accident. It’s not an accident at all. In fact, it’s the result of someone breaking the traffic laws and someone going too fast to stop their huge 2000-pound weapon.

Anyone that has ever driven down Hustonville Road knows that speeders are out of control. NASCAR would be jealous of the weaving in and out of traffic and high speeds that occurs on that road. God help you if you actually have to pull into traffic on that road. It is basically a suicide mission.

However, I find myself helpless to do anything about it except keep praying for sweet karmic justice and hope that maybe, just maybe, there will be law enforcement ahead doing speed checks.

Even those in the law enforcement community are guilty of this crime as well. How many times have we been on the road and been passed by a police car flying low? No lights, no sirens to indicate an emergency. I guess the thinking is who is going to stop them?

Most of us are just so happy that they did not pull us over that we ignore this infraction and are glad they are going on their way. We as citizens have no idea if the Police are actually going to a call on business or just driving home after their shift ends and are speeding, and most of us do not care.

So, as you go out on the roadways of our fair city, ripping and roaring up and down the roads and breaking the law, do not forget to wave and say hello. I will be the person in the right lane going the speed limit and being passed up.

Jack Godbey is a resident of Danville and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s in physical science. He is a published author and Historian.