Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

Published 7:27 pm Friday, May 10, 2019

With the emergence of 20 or so Democratic candidates for president over the last few weeks, I have some pointers that may be helpful for some people who are trying to decide if they are Democrats or Republicans.

Here is a helpful test: 

President Trump has allowed working people to keep more of their own money by lowering taxes and cutting regulations that are strangling small businesses. This has lead to the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years at 3.6 percent. If you think this is bad, then you are a Democrat.

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This vibrant economy has led to the lowest African-American unemployment rate in history — 5.9 percent. If you think this is bad, you are a Democrat. (By contrast after implementing Obama’s government stimulus plan, in 2009, African-American unemployment was 17 percent).

If you can simultaneously hold the belief that socialism is the most noble of human governance — but at the same time believe that illegal immigrants fleeing socialism in Central and South America are “refugees” (who by definition are victims of government persecution), then you are a Democrat.

If you think that the European Union’s growth rate of 1.1 percent is better than America’s 3.2 percent growth rate, then you are a Democrat.

In 2 ½  years, Trump has brought back over 400,000 manufacturing jobs. Obama’s eight years of leadership saw a net loss of manufacturing jobs. If you believe Obama was very clever when he asked Trump “how are you going to bring back manufacturing jobs — wave a magic wand?” – then you are a Democrat.

If you don’t know that the uncorroborated dossier used by the bad apples at the head of the FBI to convince a FISA Court to begin an investigation of Trump — was paid for by Trump’s opponents — Hillary Clinton and the DNC — then you are a Democrat.

If you don’t know that a small unelected group of Democratic partisans at the head of the FBI were creating an “insurance policy” (their words) to take down an elected American president, then you are a Democrat.

If you are undecided about your party affiliation, I hope this helps.

Eben D. Henson