Peace, joy and perfect health for all eternity

Published 10:14 pm Thursday, May 16, 2019


Living on Purpose

I have a few antique clocks, and for those who are somewhat familiar with these fascinating machines —  you know what a frustration they are to keep running. Recently, I was having problems with a grandfather clock and after a few weeks, I was being exposed for my lack of knowledge and ability when it comes to working on them. I can do some tweaking and occasionally I’m rewarded with a bit of luck.

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But, more often than not, I turn to an older gentleman who lives in my community, and I depend on his expertise. In this particular situation, he had already made two house calls, and it still would not run consistently, then he said something during his visit that caused me to think about what makes us tick, (pun intended.)

He made a comment about how these mechanisms were so delicate and sensitive, that even the tiniest misalignment can prevent the entire apparatus from operating correctly. We can identify how the human body is similar to these complex contraptions, and how vulnerable and fragile we really are. Only by God’s mercy and grace, are we allowed to function as well as we do.

I’ve had my share of illness, and I’m sure you have too. With life being a never-ending classroom of searching and developing, there are a couple of things we can keep in mind as we continue moving forward. I believe in prayer, positive faith confessions and learning how to be an optimistic thinker.

This may not guarantee our miracle, but it can certainly keep us on the right path. When walking our dog, I take advantage of this quiet time to talk to God about everything I can think of, including my health and well-being. I’m convinced when we speak God’s word openly, we are absorbing his hope and healing power into our mind, soul, and body. “For they (His Words) are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh” Proverbs 4:22.

I’m not presenting some kind of hokey magical formula, but when practicing the presence of God in sincere faith, this becomes a legitimate spiritual principle, that can generate contentment within our mind and soul.

His abundant promises are filled with light and life, and all that he desires from us in return is a humble and sincere submission to his will. God is truth and he declares that no matter the size of the mountain we may face, or what type of furnace we might be thrown in, he loves us, wants the best for us and will always be with us.

It’s true, we are blessed, but the Lord does not promise a perfect pain-free life. We understand that after the fall of mankind in Eden, that unfortunately everything, including our health, has been plagued with a curse. I’m reminded about this when I look at my yard and see that no matter how hard I battle against the weeds, they continue to irritate me. Vehicles rust and wear out, our decks, fences and porches rot away. Everything is designed to decay, but it’s simply a reality of the natural world. There is nothing wrong with doing everything we can to improve our health and our appearance, but at the end of the day, we must face the sobering fact that our body is also designed to be temporary.

Exercise, dieting and cosmetic surgery are great, but like the old clocks that run faithfully for many years, there comes a time when all the parts wear out. Yes, there will be seasons of aches and pains, and for some there will be serious issues that will require a larger amount of trust and assurance, but whatever may come, may we be committed to devoting our best years to obeying and serving our Lord.

For those who are in Christ, we can be excited to know this curse will not be present in heaven. Darkness and evil will be defeated, and everything will be perfectly transformed, including our brand new bodies that will last forever.

Let us appreciate all the good times we have enjoyed, and when the end of our pilgrimage finally arrives, we can be filled with confidence and excitement.  This life was a brief, yet glorious opportunity to know God and our future includes continual joy and perfect health for all eternity.

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