Property transfers, May 30

Published 8:56 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole, by Ricky D. Cole, attorney-in-fact to Lisa Tarrach and Jeffrey Boyle, lot in Dexter Court Subdivision, $110,000.

PNC Bank, National Association (as successor to National City Bank of Kentucky, as successor to Bank of Danville) to Ridgefield Properties, LLC to Betty Jean Bradshaw Henderson, trustee of the Bettye Jean Bradshaw Henderson Revocable Trust UTD, .20 acres in Boyle County, $1.00; assessed value of property, $200,000.

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Walter M. and Lana J. Bauman to Cynthia Fraley, condominium unit of Premier Village Phase 2, The Villas Ridgefield Farm, $236,000.

US Bank Trust, N.A., as trustee for LSF10 Master Participation Trust to James Munsen, lot in Scenic View Estates Addition, $93,000.

Norman and Joan Walker to Gregory S. and Colleen W. Spatola, 17.28 acres of the George DeYoung Farm Division, $318,000.

Abby Lambert to Lattisha Massey, lot in Philbin Village, $63,900.

Nathan Smith to Brian and Erin Deem, lot in Highlands Subdivision, $98,000.

Gayle R. Coslow, executor of the estate of Edith D. Reed to Alex R. Gourley, lot in Clearview Subdivision, $119,000.

Banks Properties, LLC to Shirley H. Childers and Anita S. Cable, lot in the Urban Renewal Randolph Hill Subdivision, $67,000.

Rick and Elizabeth Cole to David and Lina Bibikov, lot in Wilson Daughterty Heights Subdivision, $65,600.

Christopher W. Neikirk, individually and as administrator of the estate of David S. Neikirk to Robert A. and Pamela S. Marshall, property on East Lexington Street, $154,000.

Robert and Rebecca Martin to Ryan and Evelyn Burger, 46.7067 acres in Boyle County, $365,000.

Alex R. Gourley to Rhonda Lynn, lot in Clinton’s Trace Subdivision, $118,000.

Marlene Hale to Susan Couzens, property in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $92,500.

William G. and Carolann M. Davis to John R. and Julie D. Bell, lot in Colonial Heights Subdivision, $279,500.

Barbara S. Mason and J. C. Mason to William N. Herring, parcel on White Oak Road, gift; fair market value, $32,000.

Jonell C. Benson, trustee of the Lorine Coulter Trust to Randall and Nancy Belcher, two tracts in Boyle County, $83,600.

Frieda M. Hundley to Jeffrey L. and Marsha A. Nash, lot in the Harmon Development, $137,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, Mary Louren Phillips, by and through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Mentok Management, LLC, property in Paula Heights Subdivision, $48,001.

City of Danville, Kentucky to Boyle County Board of Education, property in Boyle County, transfer without monetary consideration.

Boyle County Fiscal Court to Boyle County Board of Education, property in Boyle County, transfer without monetary consideration.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Tony and Anna M. Snow-Bryant to Jerry R. and Janet E. Selch, parcel on Upper Brush Creek Road, $10,000.

Paul and Betty C. Greer to Christopher D. Greer, parcel on Patsy Riffe Ridge, $4,000.

Fred and Victoria Parker to Joshua B. Hayes, two parcels in Casey County, $180,000.

Harold E. Wilcher, Gregory D. and Ann L. Wilcher and Chloe P. Wilcher to Donald E. Skaggs, parcel on Woodrum Ridge Road, $60,000.

Karen and Randy Roy to John T. Runion, two lots in Ridgefield Place, LLC, $199,500.

John D. Wheeler and Brandie Pauley to Eric Price, lot in Jackie Rodgers Subdivision, $20,000.

Donald R. and Jean Glass to April S. Polston, two parcels on Chestnut Level Ridge, $127,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Devin R. Goodman, 3.515 acres in Casey County, $27,000.

Penny J. Kastle to Tommy A. Spagnoletti, 0.7602 acres in Casey County, $35,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Edward N. and Lillian H. Johnson to Bruce A. Johnson, lot in Hideaway Cove Estates, Woodfin Section, $1.00, gift; fair market value, $1,300.

Jason and Lari B. Hensley and Greg and Dana Hensley to John L. Ferry, tract on Hwy. 753, $60,000.

Derek C. and Lyndsie L. Drury to Jacob and Hannah M. Hughes, lot in Dixie View Estates Subdivision, $168,000.

Tracie Irvin, Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper, property on Sea Cadet Road, $94,135.

Carol and Kenneth Plummer to Lara Goode and Derek May, lot of the John Saylor lots, $130,000.

Charlotte M. Crane and Douglas C. Otto to LVH Rentals, LLC, lot in Cold Springs Subdivision, $81,400.

Larry and Melissa Nicely to Billy and Rebecca Potter, 3.62 acres in Garrard County, $18,150.

Hugh N. and Lynne Wilson to Carolyn A. T. and Jarrod C. McMaine, two tracts in Sparks Subdivision, $44,000.

Kevin B. and Laura T. Wasson to Janet E. and Jerry R. Hensley, Jr., lot in Angela’s Corner Subdivision, $211,500.

Willene Ross to Michael and Tammy Carpenter, parcel in Garrard County, $1,000.

Lancaster First Assembly of God, Inc. to Woodie and Angel Saylor, lot in Merriwood Estates, $99,900.

Wesley M. Zanone, Carolyn Z. Royalty and Dan C. and Sherry Zanone to William Cornelius, property in Hagan Court Subdivision, $122,900.

Ernest D. and Melanie Turner to Mildred K. Wilmot, 3.39 acres in Garrard County, $27,000.

Chris and Jennifer Butner and Derrick Butner to Danna Investments, LLC, property on the south side of Richmond Street, $70,000.

Bradley Harp and Samantha Proffitt to Troy and Nora J. Wicklund, property on House Hill Road, $182,000.

Lloyd Sebastian to Donna Poyer, two parcels in Garrard County, $288,400.

JB&R, LLC to Christopher L. and Teresa L. VanDierendonck, lot in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $125,000.

Jimmy R. and Betty Wilson to Betty S. Croucher, tract on Cartersville-Berea Pike, $114,000.

Larry and Melissa Nicely to Bob Lunsford, 7.07 acre tract in Garrard County, $9,900.

Edith Bolton and Barbara and Jacob Wilson to Edith Bolton, Anthony Turner and Denisha Johnson, property on Hamilton Avenue, gift; value of property, $48,000.

Larry and Melissa Nicely to Roughwood Holdings, LLC, 11.77 acres in Garrard County, $14,300.

Barbara H. Montgomery to Monty C. and Margaret S. Major, two parcels in Garrard County, $50,000.

Rebecca S. Preston, Edwin Lee Preston, II, Joanna Wheeler and Elizabeth and Eric Bast to Maria Preston, property on County Road, gift; value of property, $45,000.

Ricky A. and Ashley D. Brasher to Ryan E. and Heather N. Bradley, lot in Hidden Valley Place, $122,000.

Tracie L. Crawley to Eva C. Monaghan, tract on Kelly Ridge, $100,000.

James E. French to Jordan W. Denson, 1.035 acres on KY 52, $25,000.

Michael W. and Constance I. Oke to Taylor Cole and Jason Polmanteer, lot in River Run Estates Subdivision, $260,000.

Paul and Shonna Rice to Kathryn M. Flores, lot in Ridge Crest Subdivision, $174,000.

Boyd F. and Christy Jo Hensley to Derek C. and Lyndsie L. Drury, 1.036 acres on Richmond Road, $160,000.

Lloyd and Pat Creech to Lee and Kim Monday, property in Garrard County, $4,000.

Sharon and Mark May to Joyce A. and James  H. Bryant, Jr., lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $136,000.

Lloyd V. and Janice Fain to Zachariah D. and Lindsey M. Harvey, 68.12 acres in Garrard County, $133,740.

Connie Conley to Paul D. and Kelli Conley, 41.17 acres in Garrard County, $23,000.

WRH Investments, LLC to LVH Rentals, LLC, .31 acres on Stanford Street, $22,550.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Laura and Phillip Brandenburg and Teresa and Wayne Renner to Laura and Phillip Brandenburg, 14.20 acres on KY 618, $1, division of assets per Lincoln District Case No. 17-P-153; fair market value, $44,000.

The estate of Harlene Caye Johnson, by and through Maynard Wayne Hoskins, executor, to Lauren Hayley Comorat, 1.014 acres on Brown Hollow Road, $38,000.

Paula Brown and David Brown to Michael and Carla Tribuzio, two tracts of land in Halls Gap Estates Subdivision, located on Halls Gap Court, $139,000.

Jeremy Allen to Eric Barker, 0.24 acre on KY 643, $23,500.

The Garry W. Combs and Velda M. Combs Revocable Living Trust, Garry W. Combs and Velda M. Combs, co-trustees, to Christopher Lee Combs, three tracts of land on KY 328, containing approximately 14.61 acres, $24,000.

Vickie Maybrier Perkins and William Thomas Mullins to William Thomas Mullins, 2.898 acres on KY 643, division of property; fair cash value, $13,000.

William Thomas Mullins and Vickie Maybrier Perkins to Vickie Maybrier Perkins, 1.30 acres at intersection of KY 1247 and KY 643, division of property; fair cash value, $8,000.

Leslie F. and Tommie Gooch, by and through Douglas Todd Gooch, their attorney-in-fact, to Josiah D. and Yvonne J. Hershberger, 213.835 acres off KY 198, $525,000.

Daniel S. and Sarah R. Miller to Ervin and Sarah Anne Mast, two tracts of land on Ephesus School Road, containing 2.004 acres, gift; fair cash value, $1,600.

Samuel R. and Irene H. Miller to Ervin and Sarah Anne Mast, approximately 15.996 acres on the waters of Gilmore Creek near Ottenheim, $165,000.

Kayne and Taylor Merriman, Guy M. and Tonya Jo Jones and Bradley and Heather Witte to Sheila L. Williams, lot in Kriss Meadows Subdivision, located on Lou Drive, $68,000.

Sheryl Lee Downs to Loren A. Zickefoose, 1.10 acres on Wilderness Trail Road, off U.S. 150, $30,000.

Sunil J. and Nimisha D. Patel to James Manning, 0.744 acre on Sycamore Street, Crab Orchard, $12,000.

Nancy Russell to Roy H. and Gena Louise Russell, three tracts of land on OK Schuler Road, containing approximately 2.311 acres, gift; fair market value. $10,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bruce Hammond, property in Bacon Court Subdivision, $46,000.

Marion Morgan to Cari S. Rice, lot in Alexander Heights Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $140,000.

Marion Morgan to Caleb L. Bottoms, special trustee to Marion Morgan, lot in Countryside Estates Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $133,000.

Marion Morgan to Caleb L. Bottoms, special trustee to Marion Morgan, lot in Hanover Manor Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $130,000.

Tia P. and John D. Taylor to Shelby K. and Lori S. Tyler, condominium unit of the Bright Leaf North Condominiums, $62,000.

Michael D. and Patricia A. Van Langen to Sharon J. Stevens and Kathryn L. Anderson, 15.41 acres in Mercer County, $285,000.

Rhonda M. Howard, executrix of the estate of Betty O. McGinnis to Roy and Loretta Jasper, lots in Maple Hill Subdivision, $155,000.

William M. and Joyce Pearson to Dean Durr, tract in Mercer County, $35,000.

Karen L. Warner Lynn, co-executor and John C. Warner, executor of the estate of J. C. Warner to James V. and Sharon J. Lovingood, 39.08 acres in Mercer County, $220,000.

Delbert L. and Florence J. Hamner to Matthew R. Moore, 26.663 acres in Mercer County, $153,000.

Jeffrey and Sharyn Robertson and Jack A. Robertson, by and through Teresa J. Robertson, his power of attorney and Teresa J. Robertson to Floyd T. and Leatrice R. Shirley, property on East Office Street, $65,000.

Elizabeth K. Ward and Clifford R. and Effie D. Hamner to Hamner Estates, LLC, 29.63 acres in Mercer County, $140,000.

Elizabeth A. Foster and Maria L. Florez to Becky J. Englehardt, property on Cornishville Road, $78,000.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Macloon & Company, LLC, property on East Office Street, $45,000.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Macloon & Company, LLC, property on South Magnolia Street, $55,000.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Macloon & Company, LLC, property on East Office Street, $20,000.

Southern Tax Services, LLC, Steve Claunch (deceased), unknown spouse, if any, of Steve Claunch, Doug East, Tax Ease Lien Investments 1, LLC, William M. Durr, Mary Elaine Durr, Dana Padgett, Michael Padgett, Rodney Claunch, Michelle Claunch and Allison Claunch, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Rita J. and Roy Holt, Jr., property on North Lane Street, $500.

Perry and Rebecca Buchanan to Zachary and Kristyna Lewis, five acres in Mercer County, $290,000.

Tony M. and Marlene Warner, by and through her attorney in fact, Tony M. Warner to Logan and Olivia Hazelwood, tract of the Maric Farm, $105,000.

Kaitlin and Gary Howard to Matthew B. Sacre, property on Mackville Street, $119,500.

Johnny W. and Mary L. Jones to Adam and Sarah J. Curtsinger, 11.76 acres in Mercer County, $150,000.

Mary K. Mayo to Douglas G. Aschenbrenner, two parcels in Mercer County, $31,500.