Father’s Day fun: Your presence can make the best present

Published 8:37 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Boyle County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences

Father’s Day is coming soon.  Have you decided what to get him?  While not all dads are alike, research shows that dads excel at shoulder-to-shoulder activities with their kids, so this year consider giving Dad the gift of time together doing things he likes. Time spent together is much more valuable than money spent any day. Here are a few ideas that are fun for kids and fathers alike.

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• Hitting the links is a great way to spend time with the golf-loving dad. If the kids are too young to swing the club or don’t have the stamina for 18 holes, putt-putt or the driving range is a great alternative.

• Maybe your father is a baseball lover. A day at the ballpark is a great way for the family to show Dad just how much he means to them. If going to a major league game is not an option, grab a few cheap seats and a hot dog at the local minor league game or community softball game. I’ll be heading to a Lexington Legends baseball game with my dad later this month. Should be a great time! If you can’t make it to a Lexington Legends game, a good ol’ fashion game of catch may be enough to stretch a smile across his face.

• If Father’s Day is a rainy one, head to the bowling alley to knock down some pins. Using the bumpers is a great way to include young children and give your score a bump. You know, I hear the bowling alley here in Danville has a pretty great cheeseburger…just sayin’.

• Spending the day wetting a line (fishing) is a great way to spend shoulder-to-shoulder time with your dear ole dad, and he may just show you the secret to catching all those fish he always talks about pulling in.

• Take a hike.  No, that’s not what you tell him. That’s what you do with him. Find a local walking, or hiking trail that everyone can do, so he doesn’t end up carrying anyone, and go on an adventure together. The nature reserve right here in Boyle County, or just down the road at Shaker Village have lots of trails great for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

• Maybe your father is always in the workshop or garage tinkering away. If so, come up with a craft that you, or the whole family can do. If the kids are not old enough to use tools, break out the paints and let them decorate what Dad creates.

• Have a movie night. This could be the best way to cap off a great day of celebrating Dad.  Make his favorite pizza, and enjoy a movie or show of his choice. The Boyle County Public Library has a huge collection of movies you can check out for free.

While these are only a few of the many ways to celebrate our fathers during Father’s Day, I hope they remind you that while gifts are always nice, sharing time with the ones we love is the best gift of all.

Don’t forget about the men in our lives who may not be our biological fathers but certainly take the cake when it comes to fatherly responsibilities. They’re pretty great and would also appreciate some love this Father’s Day.

For questions or comments about this column feel free to email me at a.price@uky.edu.