Searching for our nation’s lost moral compass

Published 7:28 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019


Contributing columnist

As I sit at my computer this morning, I am trying to distill my thoughts into a single path in which to focus my commentary. The news headlines from are overwhelming and anxiety-producing — two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman, possibly by Iran, the country Our Dear Leader (Donald Trump, ODL) insists on provoking; ODL, in a video interview, admits he would take information from a foreign government if it would help his campaign AND says point-blank that the FBI director was wrong on insisting this information belongs in the hands of the security organization.

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The list goes on: Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, was an intermediary in helping secure over $78 million in federal funds for our state. McConnell previously announced that a previously sanctioned Russian aluminum company is going to build a facility in Ashland, Kentucky.

While the “adults” in the room continue to behave badly, our country is storing brown-skinned children in internment camps after being ripped from their parents. The same country that can track our income in order to collect taxes cannot seem to match asylum-seeking parents with their minor children.

When did We the People become numb and/or callous about the state of our country? There are 60 Fortune 500 companies that paid ZERO taxes under ODL’s tax plan while everyone I know paid more.

Why is this acceptable?

Anyone with two active brain cells that’s read the Mueller Report knows ODL obstructed justice but what do we hear from Washington, D.C.? Nothing. Crickets. Not only are the Republicans cowering as usual, the Dems are making noises but taking no action.

Where are our heros? Where are the elected citizens who are charged with keeping our country safe, secure, and the land of opportunity?

The current White House has no problem using the law bludgeon anyone who disagrees with the current regime, but heaven forbid anyone within the regime answers a subpoena.

When common folk like us gets a subpoena, we must abide or face contempt of court. Not the ODL regime. Subpoena, schmopoena. He ORDERED his followers to ignore the order to appear before Congress and they complied with his wishes!

There is no rule of law when it comes to the ODL regime. He attacks the press when they report negatively about him or his followers. He refuses to release documents to Congressional oversight committees. And McConnell sits silently while watching the balance of his investments increase.

There are so many of these incidents it’s extremely difficult to pare them down. ODL banned transsexual people from military service. He refused to allow the Rainbow flag to be flown at any U.S. embassy, He routinely sides with dictators from countries like Russia, North Korea, China, and Saudia Arabia, while disrespecting our allies and our national security professionals.

Where did our collective national moral compass go?

Remember when Gary Hart was a presidential candidate? He was caught with a woman who wasn’t his wife. His campaign died at that moment. Remember when Howard Dean made that awkward yell at one of his campaign rallies? His campaign died at that moment.

And yet, we have a sitting president who, during his campaign, made fun of a reporter who was physically handicapped, made it through the Access Hollywood tape, was elected even though we know he cheated on all three of his wives! And the evangelicals love him!

How is this possible?

As we gear up for another presidential election, I am pessimistic that any of this will change. As long as the current Congress cowers out of fear of negative press or a tweet from ODL, our country will continue to weaken in influence and leadership of the world.

ODL said he’d make America great again. If this is great, I’d be happy with mediocre.

G. Elaine Wilson-Reddy, JD, is a professional educator, consultant and advocate. She lives in Danville.