From our files, June 15

Published 11:35 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

100 YEARS AGO — 1919

A skyscraper office building will be erected in Danville. The Co-Operating Land and Developing Co. of Paris, Kentucky, bought from Mrs. Mary Bruce, her lot of 100 X 148 feet, with buildings on the corner of Fourth and Main streets. They plan to erect a modern five-story office building and business house on the lot which will cost between $200,000 and $300,000. This type of office building is badly needed in this town.

There passed away in this city a little more than a year ago, a woman who was loved by everyone and whose life had been one of ministry to the sick and suffering. She was Mrs. Mattie Harlan Hutchings, daughter of Dr. Harlan, a once well known physician and from whom she learned much about medicine and with her gift of caring for the sick made her the comfort of many. The thought of making a room in her memory in the new Boyle County Hospital came into the minds of several of her friends at the time of her death. But in the stress of war it was thought wise to let the matter rest until a more opportune time.

A movement is on foot to require a large number of property owners to connect with the sewer. The old style closets are a menace to the health of the community and certainly ought to be abolished on streets where sewer and water facilities have been provided. Numerous complaints have been received by the health department from South Third Street and North Fourth Street as well as other streets.

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The general public will be gratified to learn that the Danville Ice and Coal Company has arranged to keep open the uptown office on Second Street for the sale of ice each evening except Sunday until 8 o’clock. This is especially a great convenience to the farmers around town as many of them like to drive in after supper for their ice supply.

75 YEARS AGO — 1944

Miss Emma Weisiger, elderly and wealthy resident of 425 West Broadway, and her companion, Mrs. Hager Burdette, were bound, gagged and robbed in a daring holdup between 9:15 and 10:45 Saturday morning at Miss Weisiger’s home. A search for the armed robbers was underway within an hour after a neighbor found the ladies. Miss Weisiger and Mrs. Burdette were not seriously injured, although they were weak and shocked and required the services of their physicians.

The dining room of Begley Coffee Shoppe in the Gilcher Hotel has been completely redecorated in colors of soft canary and sky blue with maroon trim. Cone-shaped light bulbs set in glass chimneys provide individual lighting for each table. A forced air cooling system is also being installed.

H&W Appliances, located at 123 S. Fourth St., has the latest, hottest and swingingest records and albums available for purchase. They include the songs “Cement Mixer”, “Just Once Too Often,” Love on a Greyhound Bus”, “One More Tomorrow”, “California Sunbeam” and “Dateless Brown.”

Troop No. 154, sponsored by the First Baptist Church returned to Danville from Camp Offutt, Blue Grass Council camp where they completed the first session of summer camp and made advancements under the leadership of Matthew Fisher, Scoutmaster, and Josh Shannon. Scouts William Simpson, Homer Haggard, Jimmy Shannon and Marvin Swan advanced from Tenderfoot to Second Class. Scouts John Seegar, Mae Langford and Julian Fitzgerald advanced to First Class.

The South District Baptist Association will meet on Sunday to organize a new church in West Danville which will be known as Gethsemane Baptist. About 20 people have already made it known their desire to unite with the prospective church, and the group, although as yet not officially recognized, has already acquired possession of the building.

50 YEARS AGO — 1969

Following a long conference in Washington D.C., the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission would be launched July 16 as scheduled. Members of the crew will be Neil Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin Aldrin Jr., Lunar module pilot.

The music students of Mrs. Charles Milburn recently presented a piano recital at her home on West Lexington Avenue. The students were Vicki Lester, Teresa Crain, Tommy Faulconer, Andrew Beto, Karen May, Michael May, Lesley Murphy, Sheri Murphy, Bill Hoppe, Melissa Montgomery, Betsy Jackson, Carl Jackson, Ann Silliman, Dino Phillips, Kenny Pearce, Julie Lyons, Jeanne Daniel, Jane Albright, Julie Helton, Sarah Neal, Carrie Everly, Karla Rush, Robbie Gabhard, Gretchen Wold, Vicki Lester of Perryville, Marsha Cox, Laura Clem, Mark Rouse, Dottie Moss, Crystal Townsend, Andy Sowders, Anna Sowders, Steve Snowden, Gina Gordon and Patti Shelburne.

The ABC Grill on Main Street in Danville was advertising eight hamburgers, to go, for 20 cents each for a total of $1.50. A large hamburger was 30 cents, with a pickle and onions. A deluxe burger was 40 cents and a deluxe cheeseburger was 50 cents. Hots were selling for 25 cents each and chili dogs were 30 cents. And, the ABC Grill was air conditioned.

25 YEARS AGO — 1994

A mysterious infection that at first appeared to be the flu proved to be the last and toughest opponent Troy Trumbo would ever face. Trumbo, 20, died at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. He was a pitcher on the UK baseball team and a former two-sport standout at Danville High School. He was also known as an easygoing young man who was active in his church and well-liked by his teammates and by his friends in Danville.

Two Boyle County women were accused of driving around Danville Manor Shopping Center and a nearby neighborhood in the nude.

Thirty-two people or corporations have pledged $18,310 to buy a trolley for the community. The trolley will make it possible to offer tours of historic Danville sites. It will also be useful during the Battle of Perryville Commemoration to take people between the town and the battlefield park. The cost of operating the trolley will be split between the city and the county for one year.