Hustonville Elementary announces awards

Published 3:11 pm Monday, June 17, 2019


Press release

Hustonville Elementary School recognized the following students at the annual Awards Day held at the end of the school year.


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Citizenship: LeAnna Mills and Aidan Goatee.

Most improved: Brooklynn Coleman and Maya Hill.

Handwriting: Ayden Hardin and Jude Simpson.

Perfect spellers: Adela Presley, Adrien Johnson, Aidan Goatee, Bentley Wren, Camden Shearer, Clarissa Shockley, Dylan Knight, Emily McCoy, Erica Burdine, Jude Simpson, LeAnna Mills and Mason Farley.

Reading: Adela Presley, Adrien Johnson, Aidan Goatee, Bentley Wren, Camden Shearer, Clarissa Shockley, Dylan Knight, Emily McCoy, Erica Burdine, Jude Simpson, LeAnna Mills, Mason Farley, Reed Smith and Sebastian Lamb.

Math: Adela Presley and Adrien Johnson.


Citizenship award: Kenna Pittman, Macy New, Chase Cole and Easton Witte.

Improvement award: Ava Julian and Jeb Yates.

Handwriting award: Nevaeh Casey and John Andrew Mattingly.

Spelling award: Braxton Smith, Chase Cole, Easton Witte, John Andrew Mattingly, Joshua Hicks, Kamryn Southerland, Kinley Allen, Macy New and Nevaeh Casey.

Homework award: Andrew Griffith, Billy Woodrum, Braxton Smith, Brooklyn Turpin, Carson Dominianni, Chase Cole, Easton Witte, Jaxon Beasley, Kamryn Southerland, Kenna Pittman, Macy New, Nevaeh Casey and Tripp Peyton.

Reading award: Braxton Smith, Brooklyn Turpin, Chase Cole, Easton Witte, John Andrew Mattingly, Joshua Hicks, Kamryn Southerland and Kinley Allen.

Math award: Andrew Griffith, Braxton Smith, Chase Cole, Easton Witte, John Andrew Mattingly, Joshua Hicks, Kamryn Southerland, Kenna Pittman, Kinley Allen, Mason Smith, Nevaeh Casey and Toby Naylor.

Perfect attendance: Hayven Doss.


Citizenship (Gym): Nikko Villarreal and Ryley Adams.

Improvement (Gym): Audrey Rowland and Mason Matthews.

Handwriting (Gym): Bella Goode and Maxwell Cooper.

Spelling (Gym): Ryley Adams, Bella Goode, Aemon Roberts and Hunter Wilson.

Homework (Class): Ryley Adams, Mason Matthews, Nikko Villarreal, Audrey Rowland, Max Cooper, Camden Penman, Hunter Wilson, Hayleigh VanHoose and Chevy Adams.

Reading (Class): Ryley Adams, Bella Goode, Camden Penman, Aemon Roberts, Max Cooper, Chevy Adams, Nikko Villarreal and Hayleigh VanHoose.

Math (Class): Ryley Adams, Mason Matthews, Aemon Roberts, Max Cooper, Emma Mink, Nikko Villarreal and Bryson Good.


Citizenship award (for showing such responsible, respectful behavior): Clareese Dunn, Laikyn Atwood, Bryleigh Hampton, Lena Miller and Colten Caudill.

Paw”some award (for great academic growth): Cooper Love, Serenity Peel and Trevor Wilcher.

Perfect attendance: Bryleigh Rankin and Colten Caudill.

Handwriting: Ethan Newman and Colten Caudill.

All-A honor roll: Lucas Montgomery, Ben Parsons, Max Rankin, Colten Caudill, Brylee Hampton, Lena Miller and Taylor Sallee.

A/B honor roll: Laikyn Atwood, Brantlei Barlow, Walker Burgess, Clareese Dunn, Reid Jeffries, Baylee Karnes, Trace Nanik, Cayden Clear, Bryce Cooper, Caleb Asher, Isla Edwards, Gracie Gonyer, Zaiden Halcomb, Westen Lancaster, Landon Love, Bryleigh Rankin, Carter Rogers and Chloe Watson.

All-A’s all year in math award: Brantlei Barlow, Clareese Dunn, Lucas Montgomery, Ben Parsons, Max Rankin, Caleb Asher, Colten Caudill, Gracie Gonyer, Zaiden Halcomb, Brylee Hampton, Lena Miller and Taylor Sallee.

All-A’s all year in language arts award: Laikyn Atwood, Clareese Dunn, Reid Jeffries, Baylee Karnes, Lucas Montgomery, Trace Nanik, Ben Parsons, Max Rankin, Sarena Shockley, Ashlyn Watson, Colten Caudill, Brylee Hampton, Lean Miller, Taylor Sallee, Bryce Cooper, Isla Edwards, Zaiden Halcomb, Daisy Isaacs, Landon Love, Bryleigh Rankin and Chloe Watson.

All-A’s all year in reading award: Baylee Karnes, Lucas Montgomery, Ben Parsons, Max Rankin, Colten Caudill, Bryce Cooper, Gracie Gonyer, Brylee Hampton, Landon Love, Lena Miller, Taylor Sallee and Chloe Watson.

All-A’s-and-B’s all year every subject: Hagen Broom, Aiden Hargis, Gracie Mink, Hunter Patel, Tatum Shearer, Statham Summers, Piper Vickers and Hannah Walker.


Math: 1- Carter Whobrey and Hunter Patel; 2- Wesley Whittaker and Brooklyn Watson.

Science: 1- Gracie Mink, Piper Vickers, and Tatum Shearer; 2- Charlotte Roark, Wesley Whittaker, Caden Wren, Desi Edwards, and Brooklyn Watson.

Language arts: 1- Carter Whobrey; 2- Piper Vickers.

Citizenship: Carter Whobrey and Piper Vickers.


Reading: Critchfield/Southerland: Carter Whobrey, Charlotte Roark, Gracie Mink, Caden Wren, Tatum Shearer, Emma Adams, and Piper Vickers.

Social studies: Critchfield/Southerland: Hagen Broom, Emma Adams, Hannah Walker, Wesley Whittaker, Gracie Mink, Mallory Batta, Piper Vickers, Charlotte Roark, Carter Whobrey, Ethaniel Schuler, Brooklyn Watson.

Language arts: Desariah Edwards,  Emma Adams, Mallory Batta, Natalie Martin, and Brooklyn Watson.

Honor roll all-A’s: Mallory Batta, Desariah Edwards, Natalie Martin, Briscoe Parsons, Charlotte Roark, Ethaniel Schuler, Brooklyn Watson, Wesley Whittaker, Caden Wren, and Samuel Worthington.

A’s & B’s all year: Emma Adams, Gabriel Blea, Riley Crawley, Addison Grider, Caedmon McCowan, Ava Neace, Lane Norris, Kensleigh Rayburn, and  David Webb.

Citizenship perfect attendance: BrooklynWatson+, Lane Norris and Addison Grider.

Third Grade/Sanders

Science awards: Maggie Bates, Rosie Miller, Alexis Naylor, Evan Ragan and Abigale Watson.

Math awards: Maggie Bates, Rose Miller, Evan Ragan and Luka Rankin.

All-A’s honor roll: Alexis Naylor.

A/B honor roll: Maggie Bates, Triston Boyd, Aiden Coffman, Jonas Lowe and Alexis Naylor.

Perfect attendance: Alexis Naylor.


Reading: Rosie Miller, Evan Ragan and Maggie Bates.

Social Studies: Jeremy Moore, Rosie Miller, Evan Ragan and Maggie Bates.

Language arts: Abigale Watson, Evan Ragan, Rosie Miller and Maggie Bates.

All-A honor roll: Rosie Miller.

A/B honor roll: Dallas Ellis, Luka Rankin, Jeremy Moore, Cash Cook and Abigale Watson.


Citizenship: Neveah Sargent and Kayson Quinn.

Language arts: Payton Hargis and Tucker Foster.

Math: Autumn Sallee, Delaney Combs, Payton Hargis, and Clay Pendygraft.

Science: Delaney Combs, Autumn Sallee, Tucker Foster, and Clay Pendygraft.

All-A’s all year: Tucker Foster, Payton Hargis, and Clay Pendygraft.

A/B honor roll all year: Alexis Short, Jenna Sparr, and Madison Wilshire.


Perfect attendance: Brodie Stockton.

All-A honor roll: Apaar Kabra.

A/B honor roll: Chloe Howard, Lola Knight, Desalegne Pendygraft, Dakota Rothwell, and Lane Sergent.

Reading award: Apaar Kabra, Lola Knight, Kylee Daugherty, and Annabelle Stephens.

Most Improved Reading award: Denver Crossfield, Braylynn King, Brody Staton, and John Richardson.

Social studies award: Apaar Kabra, Lola Knight, Dakota Rothwell, Lane Sergent, Kylee Daugherty, and Landon Whobrey.

Social studies most inquisitive: Ji’Dyn Smith, and Denise Drury.

Spelling award: Dakota Rothwell.

Language arts award: Apaar Kabra, Dakota Rothwell and Lola Knight.

Writing award: Lola Knight and McKenna Sallee.

P.E. award: Braylynn King and Caleb Yates.

Citizenship award: Desalegne Pendygraft and Chloe Howard.

“PAW”some award: Apaar Kabra.

Flag: Desalegne Pendygraft, Lane Sergent and Landon Whobrey


Perfect attendance: Kylee Daugherty and Addison Hazlett.

All-A’s: Kylee Daugherty, Annabelle Stephens, and Landon Whobrey.

All-A/B: Kaydin Atwood, Brandon Cummins, Brady Dotson, Addison Hazlett, Jake Lowe, John Richardson, Stephanie Warner, John David Westerfield, and Hayden Winchester.

Math highest percent

Dominianni: Kylee Daugherty- 98, Landon Whobrey-96

Johnson: Apaar Kabra-98, Lola Knight-94, Desalegne Pendygraft-94, and Dakota Rothwell- 94.

Math most improved (iReady)

Dominianni: Mckinley Brewster, and Brody Staton.

Johnson: Ben Herring and Braylynn King

Science highest percent

Dominianni: Kylee Daugherty-95, Landon Whobrey-95, and John Richardson-95.

Johnson: Apaar Kabra-95 and Lola Knight-92

Most inquisitive  in science

Dominianni: John David Westerfield.

Johnson: Wyatt Southerland.

Conservation poster contest: Chloe Howard

Language arts highest percent: Landon Whobrey-99, and Kylee Daugherty-99.

Writing-top writers: Annabelle Stephens, and Kylee Daugherty.

Citizenship award: Stephanie Warner, and Kaydin Atwood.

PAW”some”-perfect ROARS: Kaydin Atwood, Olivia Crawley, Kylee Daugherty, Brady Dotson, Addison Hazlett, Johanna Perez, Annabelle Stephens, and Stephanie Warner.

Spelling- 100% on all spelling tests: Kaydin Atwood, Olivia Crawley, Kylee Daugherty, Addison Hazlett, Marc Pike, John Richardson, Annabelle Stephens, Landon Whobrey, and Hayden Winchester.

PE: Brady Dotson and Annabelle Stephen.