Former UK coordinator now a recruiting rival

Published 8:04 pm Thursday, June 20, 2019



Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow is continuing to put together what might turn out to be UK’s best signing class ever in 2020. He can even joke about the potential threat that new West Virginia coach Neal Brown, a former offensive coordinator at UK under Mark Stoops, might pose.

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“I am watching him. I love him. We are recruiting a lot of the same guys,” Marrow said.

Marrow said Brown was at UK long enough to know that the “blueprint” he has for Ohio works and that Ohio coaches also now know Brown because of connections Marrow and Stoops had.

“Neal spent enough time with me in Ohio that coaches know him. I am watching him but I know he will do fine because he will outwork everybody. It’s going to be interesting recruiting against him,” Marrow said.

“I know him and Mark talk a lot and they are very supportive of each other. But now we are recruiting some of the same people. He’s not here now. I can’t go easy on him, but then again he wouldn’t want me to. We are going to battle some (for recruits) I imagine.”