Boyle County poultry show results

Published 9:09 pm Friday, June 21, 2019


The Advocate-Messenger

The Boyle County Poultry Show results from June 14 include:

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Class 1 –  Large Fowl Pullet: 1st place, Alex Lamb, 2nd and 4th place Kaylee Reed,

3rd place, Peyton Davis, 5th place, Sarah Beth Davis, 6th place, Samuel Lamb and

7th place, Presley Davis

Class 2 – Large Fowl Cockerel:  1st and 4th place, Sarah Beth Davis, 2nd place, Peyton Davis, 3rd place, Zay Stallard

Class 3 –  Large Fowl Hen:  1st and 3rd place, Sarah Beth Davis, 2nd place, Wade Stallard

Class 4    Large Fowl Cock:  1st and 3rd place, Sarah Beth Davis, 2nd place, Lane Stallard

Large Fowl Champion:  Sarah Beth Davis and Reserve:  Lane Stallard

Class 5    Bantam Pullet:  1st and 3rd place, Kyle Coffey, 2nd place, Alex Lamb, 4th and

5th place, Landon Childers

Class 6    Bantams Cockerel:  1st place, Samuel Lamb, 2nd and 5th place, Kyle

Coffey, 3rd place, Kaylee Reed, 4th place, Parker Davis

Class 7    Bantams Hen:  1st and 5th place, Landon Childers, 2nd place Jamie Grimes, 3rd place, Weston Childers, 4thplace, Alex Lamb

Class 8    Bantams Cock:  1st place, Landon Childers, 2nd  and 3rd  place, Alex Lamb,

4th  and 5th  place, Samuel Lamb

Bantams Champion:  Landon Childers and Reserve:  Samuel Lamb

Class 9 –  Water Fowl Cock:  1st and 2nd place, Sarah-Beth Davis

Water Fowl Cock Champion and Reserve:  Sarah-Beth Davis

Overall Grand Champion:  Landon Childers and Reserve:  Sarah Beth Davis

Boyle County Champion:  Wade Stallard and Reserve Peton Davis.