Bate academic team scores runner-up position

Published 7:43 pm Monday, June 24, 2019

The quick recall academic team members at John W. Bate Middle School are getting a late start on summer vacation this year, thanks to an action-packed end to a season that closed out in Chicago with a runner-up placement at the Junior National Academic Team Championships.

The team, led by Coach Anthony Carney, spent the second weekend of June firing off fast facts all of Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16, before competing in the championship’s single-elimination match on June 17, when they faced Chaffin Junior High School out of Arkansas.

Ramona Pierce, team captain and language arts quick recall state champion, said, “It was tight for the first half of the game, but our 60-second round didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, and the other team took the game. However, we were ecstatic to earn a national title for Bate, which has only happened a few times in its academic team history!”

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Besides putting Bate Middle’s name in the books, the team of five students took the opportunity to continue their learning experience outside of the competition and explored Chicago.

“We play all our matches in the mornings,” Carney explained. “And then we spend the rest of the afternoon going sightseeing … we were constantly learning the whole time, doing fun things.”

Pierce added, “We had an awesome time exploring Chicago on our free time. We had some great deep-dish pizza, got to visit sights like Lake Michigan, The Bean, and amazing museums. My personal favorite was the Art Institute.”

Before studying up for another season of matches and memorization, the team is reflecting on the support that they have felt from the community.

Speaking for the team, Carney said: “A great way to end our quick recall season, and thank you to all of our supporters out there!”