A cherished memory kept hidden

Published 10:08 pm Friday, June 28, 2019


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Question: Jerry, what can you tell me about this piece? I can tell you about it. When I was a little girl there was an old woman who lived down from where I lived up in the hills. I adored her and she did me too. She had the whole set of these tumblers with the pitcher. When we were moving to Ohio she tried to give me the set to take with me to remember her by. But Mom didn’t like her and wouldn’t let me take it. She quickly wrapped up one tumbler and slipped it to me. I kept it hidden for many years showing it to no one.

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I’m an old woman now myself, much older than the woman who gave it to me. But I think of her often. I don’t care what it’s worth. To me it’s a memory. It’s got a dark blue base and has the most beautiful storks on it. I wish I had all of the set.

Answer: Awww, what a sweet story. This is what makes antiques special. They spark memories and stir memories.

What you have is a carnival glass tumbler, that was once part of a set. A set that at

one time, could have included such things as a butter dish, compotes, plates and several other pieces.

It was made by the L.G. Wright company. It’s originally dated to the early 1900s. The proper name is “Stork and Rushes.” It was very popular and Wright made amazing patterns.

The name carnival glass comes from the fact that it was once used as a prize for winning a game at a carnival. It was also once used as a give-away for movie houses. This isn’t fair, as those patterns used for give-aways were often cheap and inexpensive. This glassware was a much higher quality and could be found in dime stores and gift shops. It was created to compete with the uber expensive Louis Comfort Tiffany glass. Iridescent glass has been desirable for centuries.

The market hasn’t been kind to this type of ware. You got the right color, with its dark blue base and purplish iridescence. In a golden color, called marigold, it would be inventory poison. When I opened my store in 1992, this tumbler would have been priced at about $50. Today, with the change in tastes and trends, it would be priced in a nice antiques shop, for about $25. A lemonade set with three other tumblers and the matching pitcher, would be priced at about $300, even today. Thanks for a great story. Enjoy it, and its memory.