‘Roadeo’ champions advance to southeast regional equipment competition

Published 9:55 pm Friday, June 28, 2019


Press release

FRANKFORT — The best of the best from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) competed in a two-day showdown of skills at the annual State Equipment Operators’ Safety and Training Conference, otherwise known as the Statewide Equipment Roadeo this Tuesday and Wednesday. Hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park, twelve KYTC Department of Highways equipment operators will advance to represent Kentucky at the Southeastern Regional Equipment Operators’ Safety and Training Conference held in Biloxi, Mississippi Sept. 17-19, 2019. The winning team is composed of the first and second place winner in each of the six competitive courses.

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“Operating heavy equipment takes skill and precision in often difficult conditions,” said KYTC State Highway Engineer Andy Barber. “Today’s event not only showcases excellence within our crews but also serves as an important training to improve employee safety in work zones. We’re proud of this almost 13 year tradition to invest in these front-line public servants.”

KYTC’s 12 highway districts sent the top two winners of each of the six events held at each office location to participate in the statewide competition. Operators faced off in one of six obstacle courses testing their ability to maneuver equipment through a series of challenges that hone real life skills needed for snow and ice operations and hauling materials.

Operators compete in courses testing accuracy, agility and speed while operating heavy equipment, including graders, backhoes, snow plows, tractors and lowboys. During the backhoe competition, operators’ pick up five golf balls, one at a time, from a 4-by-8 foot box of sand with a spoon-like attachment on the backhoe bucket and drop them in narrow cylinders with openings as small as three inches.

While they will not be advancing to the regional competition, Highway District 8 earned the statewide district team championship. Highway District 6 placed 2nd for the statewide district team championship. State winners:

Tractor truck with Lowboy Trailer

1st Place- Kevin Gay, Highway District 11

2nd Place-Tim Davis, Highway District 7

3rd Place- Matt Kirby, Highway District 10

Tandem axle dump truck

1st Place- Darren Jackson, Highway District 7

2nd Place- Jeremy Hensley, Highway District 6

3rd Place- Marvin Browning, Highway District 5

Single axle dump truck

1st Place- Troy Arvin, Highway District 5

2nd Place- Greg Sharp, Highway District 5

3rd Place- Bob Moll, Highway District 2

Tractor with mower

1st Place- Roy Gibson, Highway District 3

2nd Place- Nick Clark, Highway District 9

3rd Place- Adam Matterly, Highway District 8


1st Place- Joe Sharp, Highway District 8

2nd Place- Courtney Vanover, Highway District 8

3rd Place- Jeremiah Moyer, Highway District 9

Motor grader

1st Place- Adam Matterly, Highway District 8

2nd Place- Nick Clark, Highway District 9

3rd Place- Charlie Barnes, Highway District 7