From our files, July 6

Published 9:53 pm Friday, July 5, 2019

100 YEARS AGO — 1919

There are 25 children in the Golden Dawn Orphanage at Golden Dawn Springs in Casey County, and the management is out of funds with no organization to back it. The orphanage was established by a Christian minister from Boyle County named A. Pittman. The children have been collected from over the mountain counties, mostly from Floyd and Pike counties and up on the Big Sandy. It was expected by Mr. Pittman that the orphanage would be easily supported by voluntary subscriptions but the funds have not been forthcoming.

Miss Cleo Brown of Parksville and Mr. Charles McDowell, city editor of the Daily Messenger, have been promised rides over the city of Danville in the airplanes stationed at Lancaster. Miss Brown is visiting her friend in Danville and made a strong request to be permitted to go up in one of the army planes and her request was granted. Mr. McDowell, who was formerly in the air service, was given permission to fly because he is a newspaper man. Miss Brown ended up being the first Boyle County woman to fly in an airplane, as far as anyone can tell. She is a daughter of Mr. J.H. Brown who is a merchant in Parksville. In addition to being a very brave young lady, she is one of the town’s most attractive and accomplished. The start of the flight was made from a wheat field on Judge. J. W. Hughes farm on Hustonville Road.

A government airship will land in Danville on Sunday morning and will give exhibition flights in the interest of recruiting for the 29th Squadron located at Camp Knox. A permanent landing field is desired in Danville, where planes could light any time.

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Messrs. Parros and Stokas, who were formerly in the restaurant business in Lexington, will open their new restaurant on Main Street in Danville. It will be named the City Restaurant and will be open for ladies and gentlemen.

75 YEARS AGO — 1944

With the Fifth War Loan campaign of Boyle County at least 20% short of its goal of $826,000, the chairman issued what he said he hopes will be the last appeal necessary to the residents of Danville and Boyle County to come forward to purchase about $200,000 in War Bonds. People can go to one of the nine local sales agencies to purchase their extra bonds. or they may telephone the campaign headquarters at 243 and a War Bond salesman will be sent to their homes.

Master Hugh Coomer, 10,  and Master John Rice Coomer, 5, celebrated their birthdays with a party and a visit to the picture show at the Kentucky Theater. Those attending Hugh’s party were Guy Ingram Jr., Ronnie Chilton, Billy Davis, Billy Endicott, Rod Crook, Fred Arnicar, Robert Nichols, Irvine Fox and Chappie Bean. Those who were present to celebrate John’s birthday were Lena Bell Robinson, Mona and Milton Minor, Martha Ann Acton, Brook Griffith, Bobby Osteen, Susanne Cochran, Beverly Gander, Helen Lynn Clark, Linda Edwards, Mary Jane Williams, Jennette Williams, Eleanor Morgan, Donna Morgan, Kay Ann Brendenburg, Ann Louise Wilson, Betty Tucker, Dudley Murphy and Freddie Ann Spears.

Because of the drought which has caused a shortage of foods to can in Boyle County, the community cannery at the Broadway school cafeteria will be open only on Wednesday, Monday and Friday of the following week. The hours open will be 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. A large number of people have telephoned the cannery saying they are interested in taking advantage of the equipment and set up as they did last year, but there was no food yet available for processing.

50 YEARS AGO — 1969

The deadline to file to run in the Danville City Manager primary will be Sept. 20 for mayor, city police judge, prosecutor or one of the four commissioners. Early in 1970, the City of Danville government will be changed from the mayor-council form to the city manager form which was voted by the people, after two previous attempts to vote city manager, which had been beaten down in 1956 and 1960.

Astromonk Bonny died suddenly on Monday, just 12 hours after the monkey put down in the Pacific Ocean following 130 orbits around earth in a space capsule. The 14-pound monkey, exhausted and bored, was brought back to earth more than three weeks early and splashed down 25 miles off Kauai, Hawaii. Observers described America’s space monkey as limp, but alive when flown by Air Force helicopter to Hawaii’s Air Force Base.

A task force studying Danville’s unhealthy financial condition revolves around a top-heavy 1969-70 city budget totaling $690,000. This budget exceeds anticipated revenues by more than $187,000 — this, on top of the reported situation where the city in fiscal year 1968-69 went in the hole $60,000.

An announcement was made that construction for a shopping center has begun on a portion of the Floyd Dievert property on Hustonville Road. The new shopping center will be located at the intersection of Hustonville Road and the new bypass which is under construction. It will be opposite the proposed Holiday Inn.

25 YEARS AGO — 1994

A $1 million grant will make it possible for Danville Urban Renewal to tackle a South Third Street project that had been on the drawing boards since 1987. The project includes the purchase of 23 parcels and 18 houses to be rehabilitated. The area is between South Third and South Second streets from just south of the Boyle County Health Department to McGrath Street. All of Fackler Street, between South Second and South Third and McGrath and Clark streets are included as well.

The United Way that serves Boyle County has announced a goal of $500,000 for 1994 that will set a new record if reached.

In the Pet Peeves section of The Advocate-Messenger, a woman called the office to say that bouncing basketballs turned out to be a major pet peeve of hers. She said she knew they had to play in the driveway, but the constant basketball bouncing on the pavement and balls hitting the backboard became too much for her, so she and her husband moved to another house.