Boyle can’t afford Danville’s expensive parks ideas

Published 10:01 pm Tuesday, July 16, 2019

In reference to the Parks and Rec article in a recent  paper, I cannot understand why we keep this issue in limbo. If the city attorney had done what he promised and made two ordinances, it would have helped in making a decision. I say that for the very simple reason the county simply doesn’t have the money to do what the city suggests.

The county only has about $3 million in reserve. This number has been going down the last few years. Therefore, if he had done the second ordinance, just showing the city and county partners in Millennium Park, the fiscal court could have already rendered their decision, in my opinion.

The numbers that were reported a few weeks ago was $9.5 million for parks, with only $1.5 million of that going to Millennium Park. Obviously, over a few years, the county can afford their share of $1.5 million for Millennium, however their share (or $4 million) for other parks is simply impossible. The numbers speak volumes and makes it a very easy decision. That is, unless our county officials want to slap a huge tax increase on the taxpayers and I really don’t think they want to do that! They may have to for a new jail, since that is required by the Constitution, but not for parks and trails.

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Those other parks have been neglected for 15 years, as the city has admitted. Now to ask Boyle County Fiscal Court to help fix their problem is absurd. As for the comments, “Well they are city parks and they are in the county, so why shouldn’t the BCFC share in the expense?”, I simply remind those folks of this: The jail and EMS are located in the city. Do you think the city would like to pay half of those expenses?

It’s all well and good to dream of grand schemes, but just as we have to do at home, buy a Chevy instead of a Mercedes.

Jack Hendricks