Boyle County Fair pageant winners announced

Published 7:05 pm Friday, July 19, 2019


The Advocate-Messenger

The 2019 Boyle County Fair pageants winners are:

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Miss Boyle County Fair — Taylor Ferry of Lawrenceburg; First runner-up: Makencie Woods of Liberty; Second runner-up: Savanah Burke of Harrodsburg.

Miss Boyle County (local representative) — Virginia Harp of Danville; Miss Congeniality, Savannah Hammons of Kings Mountain; Interview award, Turner Reynolds of Versailles; Swimsuit award, Savanah Burke of Harrodsburg; Evening gown award, Savannah Hammons of Kings Mountain.

Miss Preteen Boyle County Fair — Victoria Brown of Kings Mountain; First runner-up, Stella Thorpe of Russell Springs; Second runner-up, Emily Baker of Harrodsburg; Miss Congeniality, Lainey Price of Campbellsville; Interview award, Stella Thorpe of Russell Springs; Opening number award, Elizabeth Forbes of Liberty; Evening gown award, Emily Baker of Harrodsburg.

Tiny Miss & Mister Boyle County Fair

Girls — Madelynn Merrell of Eliabethtown (Heather Murphy); First runner-up, Bristol Berryman (Shena and Edward Berryman); Second runner-up, Olivia Crowe of Danville (Felicia Crowe and Jordan Blair); Best dressed, Madelynn Merrell; Best personality, Bristol Berryman.

Boys — Zaidyn Williams of Danville (Loren Harris and Tevin Williams); First runner-up, Cayden Lane of Junction City (Mike and Jessica Smith); Best dressed, Cayden Lane; Best personality, Zaidyn Williams.

Little Miss & Mister Boyle County Fair — Briley Bennett of Russell Springs (Eric and Heather Bennett) and Grayson Moran of Russell Springs (Crystal and James Moran); First runner-ups (couple), Londyn Childress of Somerset (Adam and Terry Childress) and Maddox Cook of Somerset (Matt and Tora Cook); Second runner-ups (couple), Blayklei Wade of Lancaster (Jarrod and Michelle Payne) and Landon Hager of Stanford (Justin and Brittany Hager); Best dressed, Emily Reardon of Gravel Switch (Brad and Jen Burns) and Kooper Marquez of Danville (Hannah and Marco Marquez); Best personality, Kyndall Clark (Chris and Chasity Clark) and Krew Phillips of Lancaster (Kaitlyn and Jordan Phillips)

Miss Teen Boyle County Fair — Izzie Weedman of Caneyville; First runner-up, Sveta Hopper of Russell Springs; Second runner-up, Shelby Horn of Danville; Miss congeniality, Marisa Cook of Stanford; Interview award, Izzie Weedman; Opening number award, Izzie Weedman; Evening gown award, Izzie Weedman.

The Baby Show

Girls 0-3 months — Korryn Caulder-Waide of Lexington (Tavairra Caulder and Quincino Waide); First runner-up, Piper Clements of Stanford (Meaghan and Tyler Clements); Second runner-up, Brynley McCann of Danville (Korey and Kayla McCann)

Boys 0-3 months — Dallas Griffin of Danville (Kyleigh Coy and Chris Griffin); First runner-up, Jameson Martin of Stanford (Dakota Roberto and Tony Martin); Second runner-up, Mercy King of Danville (Grace Shinn and Jekhi King)

Girls 3-6 months — Victoria Delaney of Danville (Heather and Colby Delaney); First runner-up, Jemma Gooch of Danville (Jamie Watkins and Bryan Gooch); Second runner-up, Rynlee Wilkerson of Lancaster (Brad and Jessica Wilkerson)

Boys 3-6 months — Hudson Thompson of Harrodsburg (Dalton and Britni Thompson); First runner-up, Griggs Logue of Harrodsburg (Ashley Ray and Jason Logue); Second runner-up, Dash Singleton-Humphries (Jeri Humphries and Mitzi Singleton)

Girls 6-9 months — Hadleigh Drury of Harrodsburg (Hunter and Ali Drury); First runner-up, Adeline Isaacs of Perryville (Johnny and Miranda Isaacs); Second runner-up, Averly Preston of Harrodsburg (Chance and Caitlyn Preston)

Boys 6-9 months — Malachi Brummett of Harrodsburg (Derrick Thompson and Shea Brummett); First runner-up, Rhett Noland of Danville (Jeremy and Angela Noland); Second runner-up, Talen Scheller of Harrodsburg (Brandon and Mckenzie Scheller).

Girls 9-12 months — Remington Hullings of Harrodsburg (Lync Brown and John-Luke Hullings); First runner-up, Gracelyn Stratton of Danville (Whitney Stratton); Second runner-up: Kaysen Hopkins of Harrodsburg (Angela Neal and Lee Hopkins)

Boys 9-12 months — Easton Bottoms (Ragan McCain and Nathan Bottoms); First runner-up, Bryson Turner of Harrodsburg (Sierra Turner); Second runner-up, Ryder Traugott of Harrodsburg (Kailee and Jordon Traugott)

Girls 12-18 months — Kadence King of Parksville (Brandi and Kevin King); First runner-up, Braelyn Marie of Burgin (Kara Vinyard and John Parker); Second runner-up, Adalee Montgomery of Stanford (Mikayla Snow and Johnathan Montgomery)

Boys 12-18 months — Corbyn Cleveland of Danville (Michelle and Eric Cleveland); First runner-up, Easton Burgess of Harrodsburg (Rudy and April Burgess); Second runner-up, Weller Kenley of Junction City (Kody and Tori Kenley)

Girls 18-24 months — Aeverly Bernabe of Danville (Jesus and Tabitha Bernabe); First runner-up, Chasely Wofford of Louisville (Chase Wofford and Rachel Goodwin); Second runner-up, Aampyah Thompson of Harrodsburg (Derrick Thompson and Shea Brummett)

Boys 18-24 months — Kreed Warner of Danville (Sequoya Claud and Kruz Warner); First runner-up, Jacob Sanchez of Danville (Melissa Sanchez); Second runner-up, Eli French of Harrodsburg (Courtney and Levi French)

Girls 24-36 months — Adrianna Pruisman of Waynesburg (Donna and Kendall Johnson); First runner-up, Jansyn Brown (Justin and Lexy Brown); Second runner-up, Amillia Gaddy of Danville (Danielle Von and Clay Forker)

Boys 24-35 months — Lincoln Crossfield (William and Megan Crossfield); First runner-up, Damiah Anderson of Danville (Megan Anderson and Joron White); Second runner-up, Landon Schwartz of Lexington (Kasey Cheatham and Chris Freeman)