Danville PD conducts sex-offender round-up

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Danville Police arrested six registered sex offenders Monday, and cited a seventh. All were found in violation of the residence requirements after an investigation, led by Ofc. Brandon Jewell.

Those arrested for residing too close to a daycare include:  Loretta Black, 47, of High Street; and Jason Talbott, 39, East Jefferson Avenue. Those arrested for residing too close to a playground or park include: Gery Redden, 50, Sycamore Street; Roger Stubblefield, 64, Beech Street; Robert Beal, 31, Holladay Drive; and Christopher Cornett, 35, Allene Drive.

Edmond Horton, 64, of Smith Street, was cited and released (for residing too close to a daycare) due to health reasons.

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Asst. Chief Glenn Doan said all those charged are registered sex offenders convicted of various crimes, living in the city limits of Danville at the time of their arrest. They were all charged with first-offense registered sex offender residence restriction.

“We try to keep an eye on the registry and offenders, where they’re at, where they’re living and where they work, with probation and parole,” Doan said. “It’s something we’ve always tried to monitor.”

He said Ofc. Jewell, the lead investigator, reviewed those residents’ restrictions, and began to determine that a lot of them were too close to daycare facilities or parks. Doan isn’t sure exactly when Jewell began the investigation, but said it requires a lot of focus.

“He has to check all of them specifically, their conviction dates and use mapping and the PVA to determine the exact footage they’re living” from facilities they are restricted from being near. “It could take several weeks to determine one case.”

Doan said police want to present a good, thorough investigation. “Some situations are pretty clear cut, but most are not. We have to make sure everything is done correctly; we don’t want to send a case to the prosecuting attorneys that gets thrown out.”

Registered sex offender resident restriction is a felony offense, Doan said, “it can result in the situation where they’ll have to move to a different residence.”

Doan said if someone suspects an individual on the registered sex offender list is living too close to a school or playground, “they can give us a call. And if it’s someone who fell through the cracks, they can call us with a tip. We’ll check it out.”