Enbridge says its primary concern is people affected in blast

Published 6:37 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019



In the wake of Thursday’s natural gas pipeline explosion in Moreland, local workers have said many are having sleeping issues, and many are still in shock.

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Texas Eastern Pipeline owners Enbridge Inc. was asked what the company is doing to ensure the area’s safety. One person was killed in the explosion, five homes destroyed and other structures damaged in the Indian Camp neighborhood, off of U.S. 127.

A release was returned from Michael Barnes, a media relations and crisis communications expert with the company.

He said air, water and soil sampling are being conducted “as part of our standard procedure to ensure the ongoing safety of the affected area,” and that the company is cooperating with the National Transportation Safety Board, which has control of the investigation.

“We are unable to comment on matters related to the incident at this time.” All updates on the investigation are to be released from the NTSB, out of Washington, D.C.

The release also states the company’s “primary concern continues to be for the people impacted by this incident, and we will continue to provide assistance and support. We cannot overstate the role that emergency responders and support agencies have played in taking care of the community and we are grateful for all involved.”

Barnes said since the incident occurred, “we have mobilized a dedicated care team to the incident site. This care team of Enbridge personnel is working directly with affected landowners, in close coordination with numerous community service organizations, helping with temporary housing, transportation, meals, counseling and any other needs of the local community.”

Barnes said Enbridge “is grateful for the incredible response” from emergency responders in Lincoln, Boyle, Casey and Russell counties, as well as local nonprofits and humanitarian organizations. “We remain committed to working closely with them.”