Property transfers, August 8

Published 1:02 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Melanie J. Brummett to Laura A. Morgan, lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $172,500.

Brenda Lane to Christopher L. and Kayleigh A. Westerfield, 25 acres in Boyle County, $165,000.

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Mike and Leawanna Huffman to Calvin Hulett, property in Shelby Heights Subdivision, $36,000.

Daniel C. and Jenny P. Perkins to Good Bones Holdings, LLC, two lots in E.P. Faulconer Subdivision, $67,500.

Kayla Jo A. Hawkins, administratrix of the estate of Terry Sallee to Michael and Leawanna Huffman, property in Junction City, $15,000.

Larry F. Holderman, Norris D. Holderman, co-executors of the estate of Arthur L. Crain to Mike and Lisa Graves, parcel on Mitchellsburg Road, $70,000.

Silas R. and Jamie M. Ramey to John N. and Amanda Marsee, lot in Weisiger Woods Subdivision, $170,000.

Norman and Kristy Lawrence and Adam and Laura Petrey to Dewey B. Cummins, lot in Shelby Green, Ltd., $199,000.

Brenda Allen to Dale and Tina Ragland, lot in Charles H. Hay Subdivision, $190,000.

Spencer F. and Erika L. Hahn to JDS Investments, Inc., lot in Streamland Subdivision, $167,500.

Peggy E. Kessler to Zachary L. Slone, property in Baughman Heights Subdivision, $129,400.

Sherri D. Pate, individually and as co-executor of the estate of Mildred Durrett and Lisa D. Norvell, as co-executor of the estate of Mildred Durrett to Lisa D. and Billy S. Norvell, 215.164 acres in Boyle County, $250,000.

Arlene V. Berg to Alan B. and Barbara H. Sparks, lot in Bluegrass Trace Subdivision, $247,000.

Ernest L. and Alisha B. Hudson to Peggy E. Kessler, lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $168,500.

Timothy F. and Mary A. Cook, Rebecca J. and Joseph Guerrein, Melinda R. and David Darden and Farmers National Bank, as trustee u/w of Ada M. Jordan FBO Richard R. Cook, Jr. to Dorothy Green, three lots in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $79,000.

Richard Reed and Stuart and Janice Martt to Linda Ellis, lot in Gloraview Subdivision, $127,000.

Quicken Loans, Inc., Edna E. Griffieth, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Stuart and Janice Martt and Richard Reed, 0.309 acres in Boyle County, $45,100.

Jackie and Beverly Lamb to Jack and Melinda Patton, one acre in Boyle County, $16,000.

Marvin C. and Vickie L. Glidewell to Earl R. and Martha Thornberry, lot in Old Bridge Subdivision, $330,000.

Lisa C. Morris, executrix of the estate of Agnes W. Johnson to Geneva M. Preston, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $138,000.

Susan B. and John Gentry, by and through Sue Saufley Sullivan, their attorney-in-fact to Bernard B. and Thelma J. Lister, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $180,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Donna and Ira Atwood, Jr. to Tasha M. and John E. Propes, Jr., two tracts on Hwy. 1547, $89,000.

Alan D. and Charita S. Roberts to Chads Wholesale, LLC, 1.514 acres in Windsor, $98,000.

Ronald B. and Melissa G. Vaughn to Whitney Edwards, lot in Casey Estates Subdivision, $58,000.

Jackie and Jeff McGowan to Adam and Holly A. Matherly, two tracts on KY 1547, $28,000.

Paul R. and Sharlene Blevins, Randy F. and Nellie M. Blevins to Randy F. and Nellie M.  Blevins, 13.3 acres in the Button Knob area, $12,000.

Gary and Emmajean Smither to Denis R. and Diane L. Bernier, 6.04 acres on Brush Creek Road, $135,000.

Chris D. and Amee M. Baldock to Tara H. Henson, parcel on Brickhouse Farm County Road, $83,500.

Casey County Bank, Todd Tarter, Shannon Tarter, unknown defendant occupant, Casey County, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Linda Holtzclaw and Capital One Bank USA, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to Casey County Bank, Inc., 5.69 acres on KY 501, $101,000.

Chuck A. and Tamara J. Meece to Chuck A. Meece, Tamara J. Meece and Madison F. Meece, 0.522 acres in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $85,000.

Eva Taylor to Charles R. and Tara L. Werner, two tracts in Casey County, $7,000.

Donald and Joy Tarter, Charles and Anna Tarter-Smith and David A. Tarter to Christopher L. and Kasey L. Petrey, 51.658 acres in Casey County, $51,500.

Thomas A. and Janella G. Peters to Merve and Becky Martin, five acres in Casey County, in consideration of the satisfaction and cancellation of an unrecorded Land Contract; fair cash value, $25,000.

Myrtie L. Jenkins to Myrtie L. Jenkins and Lonnie W. Jenkins, property on Phillips Street, gift; fair cash value, $17,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Morgan B. Johnston to Vickie D. Walker, lot in Bo-Lane Subdivision, $97,000.

Donald B. Hensinger, Darlene K. Hensinger and Wells Fargo Bank, by and through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Wells Fargo Bank, property on Polly’s Bend Road, $47,334.

Ruth Ann Caudill to Robin and Julia Snowden, 1.158 acres in Mildred Estates, $4,000; fair cash value, $18,000.

Ruth Ann Caudill to Robin and Julia Snowden, 1.536 acres in Mildred Estates, $6,000; fair cash value, $16,000.

Kevin and Heather D. Naylor to Melinda M. and Ricky Huff, 4.3 acres on south side and adjacent to Hwy. 27, $239,900.

Glen and Sandie Whittemore to Cheryl D. Powell, 1.44 acres in Cartersville, $122,000.

Commonwealth Investment Properties, Ltd. to Deanna L. August, lot in Ridge Crest Estates, $169,000.

Henry L. Hensley, Steven H. Hensley, unknown spouse of Gerald Hughes, Homestead Herrington Homeowner’s Association, Inc. and Elizon Master Participation Trust I, US Bank Trust National Association, as owner trustee, by and through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Elizon Master Participation Trust I, US Bank National Trust Association, as owner trustee, property in Homestead Herrington Subdivision, $116,000.

Connie P. and Richard Keller to Terry C. and Teresa Powers, 0.511 acre tract in Garrard County, $4,000.

Don and Marsha Hensley to Carolyn and John Boone, Jr., lot in Woodlawn Estates, $79,900.

Wanda L. Flynn to Larry W. Donnell, two tracts in Tradeway Farms Division on Hwy.1355, $196,000.

Laurence S. Bitensky and Kitty B. Flewelling to Derek S. and Megan N. Coomer, lot in Country Ayr Estates Subdivision, $195,000.

Gary T. and Michele Hall to Robert B. and Sara A. Powers, lot in Meadowview Estates Subdivision, $237,000.

Gary and Elizabeth Shearer to Cynthia R. Lenoir, lot in Teaters Brothers Subdivision, $137,500.

Gerald and Sylvia Combs to John P. Wilson, trustee to Gerald and Sylvia Combs, property in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, transfer; fair cash value, $240,000.

Edna Bratton to Marilla F. and Wayne Bruin, Sr., two lots in Daughters Park Subdivision, $15,000.

Troy M. and Sharon R. Blair to Ceceilia A. Robinson, property on Hamilton Avenue, $52,950.

Marilyn Preston to Aime Kunes and Maureen Clark, by and through Aime Kunes, her attorney-in-fact and Patricia Klueh-Boggs and Laura Joans, 14.6635 acres on Onstott Road, $95,000.

Jonathan D. Denton to Kristen K. Denton, .825 of an acre on Fisher Ford Road, property settlement.

John N. and Amanda R. Marsee to Ethan F. and Casey L. Bumgardner, lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $140,000.

Tyler J. Robinson and Tiffany R. Danner to Norma and Ronald C. Dampier, lot in Lancashire Estates, $228,000.

Jesse J. Addison to Robert and Pamela Bodine, lot in Garrard County, $215,000.

David S. and Kelli L. Padgett to Jason L. and Kerrie C. Fraddosio, lot in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, $274,000.

David P. Ricker and US Bank National Association as legal trustee for Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust, by and through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to US Bank National Association as legal title for Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust, property on C. Valley Drive, Berea, $74,667.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Douglas and Julie Roberts to Patrick and Ashley Roberts, one-half interest in approximately 209.235 acres on the waters of Dix River, $282,485.53.

The City of Stanford to First Southern National Bank, property at the corner of Main and Mill Streets, Stanford, $63,450.

Johnny Ray and Christine Estes to Charles William Grant, two acres on the Kings Mountain and Duncan Road, situated 1-½ miles west of Kings Mountain, $75,000.

Ricky Joe Keathley and Tammy Daugherty to David West, lot in Sierra Subdivision, $80,000.

William F. and Linda L. Caudill to Joyce L. and Carlton R. Klotz Sr., by and through their attorney-in-fact, Crystal Gourley, lot in Halls Gap Estates Subdivision, $124,000.

Ella Mae Kersey Wilder to James T. Kersey, approximately 79.975 acres on Mt. Salem Road, lying 2-½ miles south of Hustonville, gift; fair cash value, $80,500.

James Flynn and Rhonda Flynn to Alan W. Phillips, lot in Shelby Woods Subdivision, Phase 2, $20,000.

Dewey and Jennifer Cummins to Rita G. Ellis, lot in Phase 2, Hunters Trace Subdivision, $165,000.

Tamara and Buddy Tate to Tharen Stevens, lot in Phase 8, Section 2, North Moreland Place Subdivision, $17,000.

Helen I. Bishop to Vicki Diane Jasmin-Slattery and William J. Slattery, two parcels of property on Parlor Grove Road (KY 1781), containing approximately 29.38 acres, gift; fair cash value, $86,000.

The Glenn C. Daugherty Revocable Living Trust, Glenn C. Daugherty, trustee, to Stephanie Turpin, 6.98 acres on KY 300, $59,000.

Shirlene Jones to Gregory L. and Robyn Blackburn, lot in, Phase 7, Hunters Trace Development, containing 6.10 acres, $60,000.

Gary Crank and Debbie Lay to Robert Lee Walton, two acres on White Oak Lane, $38,000.

Joe and Lois Everett to Phyllis Pinkston, property on U.S. 27, gift; fair cash value, $105,300.

Bobby L. Wilburn to Vickie W. Wilburn, lot in Arcadia Heights Subdivision; fair cash value, $151,500.

William R. Cox, administrator of the Edith Moser Cox estate, to Andrew and Donita Brock, lot in Morgan Manor Subdivision, $45,000.

Owens Chevrolet Inc. to Wade Hampton Owens III, 5.792 acres on KY 590, $35,000.

Rebecca Wilmot to Jack Jacobs, 0.37 acre off U.S. 27 and KY 328, in the Waynesburg area, $40,000.

Kent Jenson and Louis Castello to Shayna Marie Wiedel, lot in Holtzclaw Subdivision, located on Fairlane Street, Hustonville, $85,900.

Matthew Allen Rogers to Matthew Allen Rogers and Amber Ryan, 1.446 acres on Black Pike; fair market value, $7,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Sims Investments, LLC to Carolyn N. and Robert H. Wofford, lot in Harrods Trace Subdivision, $119,000.

Kenneth R. and Jane H. Peterman to Chad E. and Fawn Armstrong, 47.252 acres on Louisville Road, $340,000.

M. Linda King, as trustee of the Susan J. Stiles Trust to Anita M. Hartley and Timothy J. Dietz, two lots in Herrington Woods Subdivision, $240,000.

Stephen and Georgetta Bailey to Angela Swabey, one acre in Mercer County, $131,800.

James E. and Rezia King to Charles D. and Jill M. Adams, property on Allah Ave, $35,000.

Ferris Farm, LTD to Zachary C. and Tiffany B. Ison, 42.059 acres in Mercer County, $168,236.

Neal P. Drury to Hunter P. and Ali Drury, two parcels in Mercer County, $250,000.

Timothy R. and Stephanie S. Shepherd to Imogene Hart, property in Mercer County, $1.00; fair cash value, $1.00.

Michael McKinney to Bobby and April Hatfield, 30 acres in Mercer County, $280,000.

Georgia Mingo to Mistaya M. Mingo, property on Morgan Avenue, gift; fair market value, $100,000.

Cory and Ellen Bloyd to Lauren B. Core, two parcels in Mercer County, $184,000.

Blue Zoom, Inc. to Joshua Kidd, 0.057 of an acre on Hwy. 1160, in consideration of agreement to assume maintenance obligations regarding tower on the property; fair cash value, $1.00.

Mark and Melissa Ross and Larry and Susan Ross to Erik J. and Denese E. Demonbreun, 3.189 acres on Keenon Road, $195,000.

Tommy R. and Cheryle A. Yankey, Michael R. Yankey and Laura E. Branson to April and Willard T. Simpson, II, property on Fairview Court, $40,000.

Mark H. and Naomi Williams to Ervin S. and Esther Lou Esh and Matthew W. Esh, 12.51 acres in Mercer County, $120,000.

Jeremy and Jamie Thacker to JT Investments, LLC, two parcels in Mercer County, $1.00; fair cash value, $130,000.

Derringer Designed Homes, LLC to Dawn Davis, lot in Bellaire Subdivision, $21,000.

Julius M. and Claudia R. Hovan to Carol Watson, property in Alexander Heights Subdivision, Phase 2, $217,000.