DBCHS Pets of the week, August 13

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Our featured pets for this week are Olivia and Rupert.

Olivia is a precious 3-month-old kitten that was brought to the humane society along with her siblings so they could all find forever homes. She is a pretty tabby with lots of white markings and cute twinkling eyes. Olivia has an adventurous nature and loves to explore her surroundings. She also enjoys being held and snuggling when she’s ready for a nap. This sweet girl is sure to bring lots of love and happiness to her new family for many years to come. Rupert is a wonderful 3-year-old tri-colored hound mix. When Rupert first came to the humane society he was a sad sight. He was terribly underweight and had a skin infection that caused a lot of hair loss. But, even in his poor physical condition, Rupert kept his tail wagging and showed a sweet disposition. With veterinary treatment and loving care, Rupert has made quite a transformation. He is gaining weight and his coat is much improved. Rupert is now ready to make a fresh start in a home where he will be loved and cherished. 



There are several things to consider before adopting a pet. On our adoption application we have some questions that we want adopters to ask themselves before adding a pet to the family. First of all, do you have time for a pet? Some pets are higher maintenance than others. But all require love and attention and some amount of time for feeding, grooming and exercise.

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Can you afford a pet? The adoption fee is only a small fraction of what a pet will cost during its lifetime. Pet food, supplies and regular preventative veterinary care are required. Even the best cared for cat or dog can have an unexpected illness or accident needing additional medical attention.

Are you willing to care for a pet for its lifetime? Dogs and cats can live 15 years or longer. Are you able to commit to a pet for that length of time and care for them in old age? Pet ownership is very rewarding, but it should be well thought out in advance.

Low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter surgery is available for pet owners with low and fixed incomes. Call our Happy Paws Clinic today at (859) 691-1137 for an appointment. Please help control pet over-population by having your pet spayed or neutered.