Trump’s plan to fund wall unconstitutional

Published 6:26 am Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Trump’s latest mandate is unconstitutional. He is demanding that billions of dollars be taken from the military budget and used to build “his wall.” It is clearly stated in the Constitution that the House of Representatives determines how federal funds are to be spent. The president does not have the authority to repurpose funds to meet his own desires.

When McConnell was questioned about this move, especially because Ft. Campbell which is located in Kentucky will be affected, he made the ridiculous statement that the Democrats were to blame because they did not fund “his wall.”

The Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and executive branch of the government for two full years and made no attempt to fund the wall. In fact they (the Republicans) appeared to be uninterested in “his wall.”

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McConnell took an oath to protect and support the Constitution when he was elected. He has violated that oath. He was also elected to represent the people of Kentucky. It is not his responsibility to make excuses for the President’s actions.


Rene Payne