Danville mayor apologizes to tourism director

Published 8:34 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

As mayor of Danville, it is my responsibility to be a role model and leader regarding the type of behavior that is to be demonstrated in our community. At the most recent fiscal court meeting, I inadvertently failed as a role model. My participation in jocular back-and-forth comments with Magistrate Phil Sammons initiated inappropriate comments.

I am issuing this response to state publicly that tourism director Jennifer Kirchner was right to stand up for her self and her professionalism. I was wrong to respond to a previous comment made to me in a public meeting. Thank you, Ms. Kirchner, for making me aware of what is not only needed — but is required — regarding male behavior in all instances.

Please know that as the father of three well-educated and successful daughters, I completely support the role of women being equals in any endeavor. I admire and respect Ms. Kirchner standing up for herself, as I would expect my daughters to react  in a similar situation.

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We are past the days of what might seem demeaning to others — men and women. We are equal. We should be treated equally and with respect from each other.

I appreciate Ms. Kirchner’s courage in making all of us aware, as we needed to be, and should be. 

As mayor, I apologize for any embarrassment to Ms. Kirchner, our community and our city. The Danville City Commission planned, several weeks ago in fact, a seminar to advocate for a workshop regarding sensitivity in the workplace for all city officials in the near future. I will be there. The city commissioners will be there. I will also extend an invitation to the Fiscal Court.

Respectfully to all,

Mike Perros

Danville Mayor