Graham ‘unfocused’ in attempted rebuttal

Published 8:35 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I would like to set some things straight regarding Randy “Gip” Graham’s guest column. First, I am flattered that Mr. Graham keeps a library of my writing. Writers like to know they have an audience. I never considered that someone would archive my writings, but it’s gratifying to know it’s done.

Mr. Graham tried, I think, to offer a counter-argument to my column regarding the fiscal court and the parks in our county. He was slightly unfocused as he mentioned Danville band trophies, the confrontation in Washington, D.C. between the Covington Catholic boys and the Native Americans, and also mentioned my husband.

I don’t understand his point about the Danville band trophies. Everything he listed about the D.C. confrontation is true. And it’s no secret that I am married to a Danville city commissioner.

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I take exception to his allegation that I was speaking for my husband when I wrote the fiscal court column. My husband is an intelligent, articulate man who does not need me to speak for him. He rarely knows what I am going to write about before it’s published. I don’t consult him as I have my own thoughts and opinions that do not require permission, approval or support from him.

Mr. Graham agreed that there are two sides to the parks positions then basically stated that the magistrates were using alternative facts. Actually, he said it’s up to who is doing the defining. His logic sounds like former President Clinton’s mind-boggling argument of “It all depends what the definition of ‘is’ is.” A county park is in the county, whether it’s within the Danville city limits or not. Magistrate Sammons said he wasn’t going to spend a penny on those parks. I’m not sure where the confusion is.

I stand by my writing about the fiscal court representing ALL Boyle County citizens, not just those who live outside of Danville. The fiscal court has its hands full with figuring out the new county jail, but it isn’t the only project within their purview.  Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and hold our county officials accountable to ALL of the county.

And thank you, again, Mr. Graham, for collecting my writing and being a fan.

Elaine Wilson-Reddy