Officials’ actions affect community’s image

Published 8:23 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

The recent antics of Magistrate Phil Sammons and Mayor Mike Perros were certainly ill-mannered and insensitive to Jennifer Kirchner. We applaud Ms. Kirchner for standing up for herself against such unprofessional and unwarranted behavior.

Unfortunately, this incident is just one of many in which our elected officials’ words and behaviors have reflected poorly on our community. The Chamber of Commerce represents the business interests of this community and as such wish to take our elected officials to task for the continued episodes which make headlines and make Danville/Boyle County look less than professional.

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When businesses look to locate in Danville/Boyle County, the first thing site-selectors do is read our local paper. While some might think they are being funny, the tomfoolery exhibited by our elected officials is damaging to the community as a whole.

What does this incident say to anyone thinking about opening a business in Danville/Boyle County? An HR director would cringe at the behavior exhibited by our elected officials and think, “Does Danville/Boyle County find this behavior acceptable?”

The time has come for all of our elected officials to conduct our public meetings in a professional and decorous manner. Stop the snide remarks, the cutesie comments, and speaking without thinking. Treat those who stand before you with the dignity and respect they deserve.  You were elected by the citizens of our community to represent us — and your behaviors are a direct reflection upon us. The citizens of Danville/Boyle County deserve better.

Rick Waldon


Danville/Boyle County Chamber of Commerce. Inc.