United Way holds ‘marathon’ fundraiser half a kilometer long

Published 8:07 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

The Heart of Kentucky United Way held its “.5K Marathon” Friday — a joke race that consisted of one lap around the track at Centre College’s football field.

The race is a fundraiser for the United Way, a non-profit that funds many other local non-profit entities working on education, child welfare and more. Booths along the track allowed participants to stop and get cupcakes, cookies, bananas, water and apples; for an extra price, you could get a ride around the track instead of running or walking.

The cost was $25 per person to participate, but it was $35 on the day of the event for “procrastinators.” Participants received a T-shirt and a “gold medal” declaring they had won “first place.” The event was open for six hours and participants could show up at any time.

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Ephraim McDowell Health CEO Dan McKay and Farmers National Bank President Marty Gibson opened the festivities at noon by driving around the track, waving a United Way flag. Then, members of Danville’s police and fire departments competed against each other in a four-member relay race on tricycles. The police department team won and was given gift certificates as a reward.

Stephanie Blevins with the United Way said she expects to know how much was raised through the event on Monday.