Explosive device found in roadway last week

Published 5:53 pm Monday, September 23, 2019

Kentucky State Police say last week, an explosive device was found in the roadway of the Duncan Hill neighborhood.

Trooper Adam Hall, the public information officer for KSP’s Post 7 in Richmond, said a man found the device Thursday when he was mowing his lawn, and called 911. The container had the word “explosive” stamped across it. Danville Police Chief Tony Gray said the KSP bomb squad was notified immediately.

“From what I understand from the KSP Hazardous Devices Unit, it was a two-part binary device,” Hall said. “It was missing a component to make it a live device.” He said there was ammonia nitrate present, “but the fuel needed to make it live was missing.”

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Gray said, “Binary explosives are often used in commercial applications,” such as by construction or electrical crews, for example. They normally transport them without the second part needed to activate it.

“There’s no ongoing investigation about where it came from, they just removed it and that was the conclusion of their involvement. There was no danger to the public, with it missing the other component.”